Sunday, November 29, 2009


Blog friends--I am here! I do still exist, even though I haven't typed a thing in three weeks. Life has busily been moving in our family. I'm now 32 weeks (EEEK!!) pregnant and finally getting things prepared for our newest little girl. Everything with the baby is progressing well.

Since it is still just a few days past Thanksgiving, I am going to share my gratitude. Just like I did last year. I have much to be thankful for in my life. Here's my list:

  • The four loves of my life--my three girls and the man I am proud to live my life with each day and raise my children with. Allie, Maggie, and soon to be Katie are the greatest blessings. I know that Katie will complete our family. I believe she is the person we have been missing. We can't wait for her arrival. Allie was and continues to be life changing for me. Maggie is indescribable. She makes me laugh, smile, and melt every day. She warms my heart. The BEST snuggler who loves to curl up with me and love on me and my belly. I couldn't ask for a better daughter. And of course, there's Andrew. He's the rock in my life. My constant. I have loved the last ten years of marriage and consider myself continually lucky to be his wife. He makes me laugh every day. He supports me through decisions, loves me with a sweet gentleness, and makes me a better person. Andrew is a great dad and our girls are lucky to have him.
  • My sweet mother--I don't give her enough praise here. My mom rocks. She is the best grandmother for my children. She loves my daughters unconditionally and never hesitates to spend time with them. She is there for us and willing to help us with babysitting with no questions asked. We realize how lucky we are to have her. Friends tell us all the time. My mom is one of the most kind, caring, and loving women you will ever meet.
  • Our entire family--from my brother and his sister to the beautiful and fun cousins, we have a wonderful family on both sides. Andrew's mom and I have a wonderful relationship, and one that I am thankful for each day (especially hearing other MIL horror stories!). I have the utmost respect for his sister and brother in law and adore their children. I'm lucky to have my grandmother living with my mom. One of my favorite things is to do things with all four of us--it's awesome to have four generations of women enjoy something. Our next outing is to take Maggie to see 101 Dalmatians at Music Hall in December.
  • My awesome, hilarious, supportive, crazy, loving friends. Finding "The Posse" has been great. We've had quite a year for us, both good and well, exhausting to say the least. We lost one who decided not to remain a part of the group, but gained one new one who fits with us and we love completely. Jen, Amy, Tracey, Debbie, and Deanna bring so much happiness to my life. When I found out I was pregnant, I called Andrew, hung up the phone, and emailed them. Major life events for me include sharing them with the Posse. When I needed help with sorting through the (ohmygodsomuch) buckets of baby stuff, Debbie and Deanna came to my rescue today. I have to have unlimited texting with these girls--texts are a MAJOR form of communication. When we're together? There is so much laughter that my belly hurts afterwards. I couldn't imagine my life without this family we have built. I can tell you one thing--these girls know what it means to be there through the good and bad. And I'm just lucky to be one of them.
  • Heroes for Children reaching FIVE years!! Just this past month, we celebrated a HUGE milestone--Heroes for Children is now FIVE. We even threw a birthday party to celebrate. I'm honored that our small little organization has become something huge. We've provided 2.5 MILLION dollars worth of program services to cancer families in Texas. We now have eight employees--four full time, four part time. These women give their heart and dedicate so much to the organization. Our volunteers are awesome. We have some of the best men and women who give of their time and talents to bettering our organization and helping families. Some of my best friendships outside of the Posse have come through Heroes for Children. My life wouldn't be the same without Larissa, Allan, Christie, Cameron, and all the others.
  • My sweet, crazy dog. My family isn't complete without Brandy. In the last eight and a half years, she has been a constant companion. She's my first baby and my sweet love. When I hear others complain about their dog being a burden, I have nothing to contribute. She may make us crazy with her sock stealing and her continuous begging (seriously, she was NOT a begger dog until Maggie started eating solids!), she is nothing but a joy to have around. She's grey around the face, a reminder to me of her aging, but still such a beautiful and loving dog.
  • This blog--for the past five and a half years, I have turned to this blog (well, this one and of course). It's been such a great tool for me. It's been my therapy at times. It's brought tears, shared some of the worst news of my life, and delighted in some of our greatest joys.

Looking at this list, I'm a bit weepy. Good tears thinking of the many people in my life. Because really, it's about the people, not the things. I have so many people to be grateful for and I hope I never forget that. I hope I remember these blessings not just on Thanksgiving but each and every day.

To those special people in my life--know I love you and you make me a better person.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

28 weeks

In less than 12 weeks, we will have a sweet one in our home. To be honest, that *kind of* freaks me out! I'm excited to meet her, thrilled to have a new member of our family, and ready to not be pregnant anymore (I don't do pregnant well). However, I'm not sure I'm fully prepared (are we ever??) for how this change will be for our family. Of course, the change is going to be great, but it's still a change, and a big one at that.

I need to start realizing that she's coming soon. I did my first wash of Maggie's baby clothes. Maggie and I enjoyed going through them together, with her sweetly saying, "Oh, look how little" or "Oh, Katie will look SO cute in this!!" I teared up more than a few times watching my big four year old go through her baby clothes. She was so excited that Katie will wear some of her things. I need to get other things ready, such as registering her for the school Maggie goes to and finishing Maggie's big sister room. There is just so much to get done!

I'm 28 weeks and 2 days along now. Feeling pretty good for the most part. I'm constantly exhausted and my schedule is not slowing down. Sadly, there are no opportunities for naps. My days at work are busy, our weeknights are busy, and our weekends are insanely full with family activities. We seem to have something every hour most weekends. My MIL is having Maggie overnight Friday, so I think Andrew and I will get a date. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if the date ends up as a night on my couch!

I found out on Friday that I failed the 1 hour glucose test. This is the first time I've failed it. My other two pregnancies I breezed right through it. So, tomorrow morning, I go in for the 3 hour test. I'm not really worried about whether or not I will pass or fail. If I fail, I'll do what I need to do to control it. What worries me is the process. I have to fast tonight and then need to drink water but nothing else until the nasty drink (which makes me dizzy). Due to my morning sickness (which yes, I still get it if I don't take my Unisom/B6 pills at night before bed), I HAVE to eat in the mornings. I'm afraid of getting sick tomorrow after not eating and then drinking that nasty sugar concoction. Hopefully, it will all go well, but I still worry about it.

My belly has just really popped over the last two weeks! I got my first, "oh wow, you must be having a baby any day now" comment. Um, no, thank you I have 12 more weeks! I've gained more than I would have liked by this point. More than I have with my other girls.

Maggie is still as excited as ever. I think Andrew was more than a little appalled when he found out that I honestly answered the "How will the baby come out of your body?" question this weekend. When she asked me, I asked her "Well, how do you think it will happen?" She told me that maybe my belly would explode. What a freaky image!! I'm all about telling her the truth. Of course, she promptly ran to Andrew and said, "Mama will push the baby out of a hole in her PRIBATES!!" The look of horror on Andrew's face was classic. Maggie constantly asks questions about Katie. I love when she wonders what Katie will be like--"Will she have blue eyes like me?" "Do you think she will like being a princess?" "Will she be a chubalub like Allie or a tiny peanut like me?" My belly is kissed 15 plus times a day. Every time she comes in for a kiss, I fall in love with Maggie just a little bit more. It is seriously the sweetest thing. I know that it will be so awesome to watch her with the baby.

I wonder what little Miss Katie will be like. Guess will find out soon!