Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dear Summer, Don't Go....

Tomorrow, I have my first meeting for department heads.  Tuesday night, an hour meeting for foreign language leadership in the district.  Wednesday, training to return as the new Peer Assistance and Leadership teacher at my school (can't wait--taught it years ago).  Thursday, it's back full time. 

The summer is gone.  I'm not ready. 

Sure, the heat and the sweatiness will stick around (hi, we live in Texas), but the long days with my girls and extra family time are gone.  I have absolutely LOVED being a stay at home mom this summer.  Those are words I never thought I would hear.  I have been cleaning, cooking, mowing the grass, decorating the house, having adventures with the kids, and doing extra things around the house to help my husband.  Tonight, I just finished my job as "props and backstage mom" for Maggie's major production at the Plano Children's Theatre.  This was a two week intensive camp with six performances--we're whooped! 

Once school starts back, it'll be hectic around here.  Gone are our leisurely mornings where I tell the kids they can't come in my room until 9am (they get up before 7 and play quietly in the toy closet in Sissy's room together) then we all snuggle.  Gone are extended visitation with the big girls, with them having started school back last Wednesday up in Oklahoma.  We're back to just weekends now.  Gone is the ease of walking upstairs in the middle of the day to kiss my husband while he's working at his home office. 

I think it's surprised me how much I really did enjoy being so "domestic" here at the house.  Cooking?  Not my thing.  Making the bed on a regular basis?  Really, is anyone going to see it, come on.  Mowing the grass?  Man's job.  NOPE.  I have been doing it all and finding pleasure in taking care of my family in this way.  I've found several new recipes (BLESS YOU PINTEREST) that most of my family will eat.  It's hit or miss if we can get Katie to eat it, that picky little stinker. 

So, now it's time to find that balance between mom/teacher/wife/me.  I'll be ready for the students and the new school year eventually.  For now, I'm mourning the end of this terrific summer.