Monday, February 23, 2015

This is Family

This is my family.  It's complicated and hectic.  It's a blend of his and mine; of different ways the children were raised and different traditions.  It is a hectic schedule of coming and going with kids often all over the place.  It's not what I originally set out to have when I became a mom.  

It's so much more.   It's wonderful, fun, crazy, loving, hilarious, insane, frustrating, and loud.   
It's mine and I love it so.  

I've fallen in love with my life.  That's so ridiculously corny to say, but it is so true.  I love this life.  Sure, it's challenging and has it's moments where I think maybe I'm not cut out for the blended family/divorced mom sharing her kids/run around crazy hectic life that I have.  Then I stop and look at what I have.  What I have is AWESOME.  

These kids, y'all.  They are so terrific.  Oh my goodness they are funny.  The laughter in this house is beyond what I ever thought imaginable.  Each of them have a unique humor too.  17's sarcasm is unparalleled while 5's insanity keeps people bent over laughing.  They can be so thoughtful at times.  12 and 9 are our most giving and thoughtful towards everyone else.  They will work hard at creating plays/variety shows for family gatherings, make cards for everyone, or go out of their way to buy little gifts with the limited money they have.  They are creative and artistic.  They are incredible as sisters.  They have found such a love for one another that the label of "step" is unnecessary.  They are sisters.  Each girl brings something to our family that without, we would not be complete. 

Then there is the man.  Never did I imagine life could be so loved.  Never did I imagine *I* could be so loved.  This man is the most loving towards me.  Not a single day goes by without being told I am beautiful, loved, special, or a wonderful mom.  Not a single day goes by without "I love you" repeated more than a few times.  He works hard for our family.  He focuses on what he needs to get done with his business so that he can better our family.  He appreciates and values my work ethic, often staying up late at night with me while I grade papers or lesson plan.  He is funny and kind, liked by just about everyone.  You know, one of those all around good guys.  Seriously, I got the better end of the deal.  He ended up with neurotic me!  LOL.  

It's not perfect and it never will be.  I will struggle.  I will get frustrated and angry at times.  I will not be the perfect wife/mom/stepmom.  However, I will strive to take care of this people to the best I can.  I will be thankful for them and love them.  I will appreciate who they are and how they make our family better.  

I will appreciate that this is family.  This is MY family. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Great Granddaughters with Mom Mom

Two months ago, doctors told us my Mom Mom was near the end of her life. She was in the hospital and everything shutting down. Our stubborn old lady and awesome Mom Mom proved them wrong! Here she is last night at family dinner at my house with our four girls. So thankful our girls are growing up with this amazing woman in their life.