Wednesday, April 9, 2014


My first baby girl turned 13 today! Brandy was five weeks old when I brought her little butterball self home.  (Seriously, is there anything cuter than a golden retriever puppy?  No, I don't think so).  Since then, this dog has been MY baby.  She's been with me through the birth of all my babies, the death of one of my babies, two major careers, three houses, one divorce, one remarriage, and so much more.  It's impossible to describe how thankful I am for my sweet companion.  I don't know how much longer our BB will be with us, so I want to cherish my time with her.  You can see her age now.  Not just in her completely white face either.  She struggles to get back up when she's been lying down for long periods of time.  She rests most of the time though you will occasionally still seen some spark in her.  She's slower and falls easily.  She doesn't hoard socks like she used to or bring you random stuff when you call her name, but she'll still find ways to get into mischief from time to time!

Happy birthday, my puppy.