Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mean Mama

Below is a post from my mom's Facebook account the other day.  I love her words and the wisdom she has.  Katie recently told me "You know, some people are actually nice to they kids"  (yes, she said they).  We were driving to school and running late due to some unacceptable morning behavior.  I was going to be late for work and I wasn't pleased with Maggie.  She had to pay me $2 for my tardiness.  This is not the first time and I told her she had to pay me since she was now affecting my job.  I told her that her attitude and behavior that morning were completely unacceptable when my little peanut gallery decided to interject.  A few days later, I told Katie she couldn't have "zert" if she didn't finish her chicken and vegetables from dinner.  GaGa and Mom Mom were there visiting for our Sunday four generations dinner.  Sissy then declared me a Mean Mama.  How horrible I was for expecting her to eat her healthy meal and not allowing her to just consume junk!  Didn't I know better?!?

So, here you have GaGa's wisdom--

This message is for my daughter, but I'm posting it here because many others of you may relate to this. I just have to tell you, Jen, that when your 3 year old said you were a "mean mama" the other night, it really made me smile. I smiled because I looked over at you and saw a cute little blonde haired girl who also would have said those same words (along with your brother). And, at that moment, I was so proud of you! I know that your "meanness" means that you are doing your job. Please continue to be "mean." Be mean about not letting them have dessert if they don't eat their healthy food, be mean when they don't want to hold your hand when crossing the parking lot, be mean when they don't want to clean their room, do their homework, go to church, study for a test, wear inappropriate clothing, watch an R-rated movie, stay out late, go to a party that you aren't comfortable about, and thousands of other things that are coming down the pike. Your "meanness" means that you are setting boundaries and providing them with structure that will help them mature and become productive adults. I'll thank you again when we attend their college graduations, but for now I'll just say... good job! P.S. please don't me mad at me when I offset some of that meanness, with a little grandmotherly TLC. I've earned it! 

Blog friends--what do you think?  Are you a Mean Mama like me?  I think I'll wear my badge proudly!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Two Years

This man, y'all.  He is the best gift in my life.  Friday, we celebrated our second anniversary together.  So much of what I wrote in this blog post a year ago is still true.  The car door?  Still hasn't gotten old.  :)  We have two to four kids most weekends.  That has been the biggest transition we've made over the past year--having our children come together.

Since Wednesday night is our date night each week, we designated last Wednesday as our night to celebrate and had a romantic night out.  It could not have been a better night.   Friday night, we drove to pick up 11 and 15 an hour and a half away and had dinner with them on the way home.  We exchanged gifts before we left (love my infinity necklace!) and he sent a gorgeous arrangement of flowers to my classroom during the day. 

I truly love any time I get to spend with Rob, even if it is just driving in the car.  We laugh so much together.  He is really quick witted and loves to say random stuff to catch me off guard too.  We have been having more home dates lately on Wednesday nights.  He grills and we watch movies with the dogs.  It's perfect.  I don't need big romantic date nights frequently.  I just need him and our time together just us.

Our schedules with the kids are off over the next few weekends so we don't have them together much.  My girls absolutely worship the big girls.  Sadly, I think there is only one night in all of October that all six are together.   This weekend, we had the big girls.  I was gone with some friends to Oklahoma City for a day trip on Saturday to visit a friend, but I spent the day with them today.  We took the girls to an arts festival.  My favorite moment was when 11 excitedly called me over to the jewelry she was looking at, showing me a necklace in the shape of a heart that said "I love my family of 6."  She happily said "You need this because that's our family!"  My heart could not have been happier.  Rob and I looked at each other and smiled.  We've come a long way.  Trust me on that.

Two years and so many things are better than ever.  We've been through a lot together; some tough times, hard emotions, obstacles that felt too big at times.  We've created some really terrific memories along the way.  We've loved each other more and stronger than I knew was possible, and we've supported each other through everything.  No doubt in my mind, he is my best friend. 

I'm a better person because Rob is in my life. 

Happy anniversary, honey.  I love you so much!