Friday, June 29, 2007

Bag Lady

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! Every night, she has the same routine--shopping cart fun. It MUST include "Baby," her favorite hat, and her Cinderella purse. My little bag lady....

What a sweet baby love!

I've been tagged!

Oh, so new in this blogging world. Sure, I have been writing on an online journal on our family website, but I never considered myself a blogger. Now, I am getting addicted! Is there a blog rehab I will have to one day attend?

So, I was tagged to participate in a restaurant list by Lisa.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to name of person that tagged you.

2. Include state and country you live in.

3. List top 5 favorite local restaurants.

4. Tag 5 other people and let them know they’ve been tagged.

Number #4 is going to present a problem for me. You see, as I am just getting into this, I don't know as many people who are blogging. And then, Lisa tags Tracey, and Tracey goes and tags Deb. Come'on people, I don't have many to tag!! So, if you have signed my blog in the comment section, watch out--I'm coming after you!!

I live in Allen, TX, but I do most things in either Plano or Dallas. Just have the residence in Allen.

OK, not a foodie like my friend Dana, but I'll give this a try. In no particular order

1) Blue Fish--My favorite sushi spot. This is my treat spot to be a "lady who lunches." Bonus of this place--they offer brown rice sushi. Delicious! Oh, and the Tuna Tower? Don't watch when Larissa and I start scrapping the plate to get all the last bits of it!

2) Nicola's--at the Shops at Legacy. Nice Italian food, but I know a cool guy there!

3) Fireside Pies--I'm not a pizza girl, except when it comes to Fireside Pies. Brick oven pizzas and a raspberry cheesecake that is TO DIE FOR!!

4) La Duni--I was taken here for the first time in January for a birthday lunch for my girlfriend Cameron. She said it was her favorite place to go when celebrating. I quickly found out it is because not only is the food absolutely delicious, the DESSERT!! Wow, that is a dessert menu. I was almost overwhelmed to figure out what to get. Settled on some fried banana with ice cream dessert.

5) Naan--my other favorite sushi spot. More expensive than Blue Fish, so I only go as a treat. Love it! Rainbow Roll, passion fruit martini, and a fried ice cream---HEAVEN!

Now, I tag Amy (ha--we're making you blog!), Tracy, Dehlia, Elle, and my sweet friend Melissa. Dodging a bullet, Rich, because if you had a blog, you would definitely have been tagged!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Working Girl

Maggie is learning to earn her keep--she went to work with Mama today! I found myself without childcare this morning and rushing for a 10am meeting. My solution--bring the toddler!! Luckily, the meeting was scheduled at a very professional location-Starbucks! One of the volunteers I was meeting with two arrived with three kids in tow, so I didn't feel as bad. I bought Maggie a donut and gave her toys in the stroller before settling in to discuss Hold'Em for Heroes, the new event coming in November for Heroes for Children.

Up next was a lunch with our soon to be new employee (can I get a big AMEN for getting some help in the HFC office!!! WOOHOO!). Maggie, Larissa, Christi and I went to California Pizza Kitchen to visit and discuss our fall schedule. What a sweet love she was! Perfectly content to play with "Baby" and eat her pizza.

Now, here's the kicker. She worked at the office for more than three and a half hours! When we arrived at the office parking lot, I found her crashed in the backseat. Now, Maggie is not that easy sleeper that some people have who can transfer easily from the car to another location. Nine times out of ten, she wakes up with a fury and isn't a happy woman. This time, perfect. It was as if she just knew Mom had to get some work done. She slept for more than thirty minutes (normally more like two hours, but I took what I could get).

Once up, that child was AWESOME! I closed off the door that connects the new wing of the office (we expanded two weeks ago and I'm in office HEAVEN!!), giving her access to the board room and my office only. Did she whine? Not much. Played with all the animals I loaded her up with before leaving our house, colored with the Color Wonder markers (LOVE those!!), and spread chips all around the office floor. That is what a night cleaning crew is for, right? Sure they are going to love me tonight!

After a day of the best child behavior in a work place ever (have I mentioned that this child is only 20 months?? LOVE HER!!), I decided it was a night for a special treat. We picked up Deb and the kids and met up with Larissa and Luke at the Wiggles Playcenter. Sadly, they were going to close and none of us had socks. So, Deb and I left to go with the kids to Peter Piper Pizza--we had a blast!!

Nothing like a hard day's work.

My kid rocks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mommies on a Playdate

When is the last time I let myself be silly? Not just a little fun, but silly. The kind of silly that makes your sides ache from all the laughing. The kind where you can barely look at the camera properly because you're laughing so uncontrollably. It's been a while. A long while. I'm serious. I tend to be a more serious person. I did college in three years without attending a single college party (not one, seriously, how sad!) because I wanted to grow up and get married. I'm focused.

Last weekend, I was given the wonderful opportunity to be silly. How could I not laugh uncontrollably when standing in front of a Fisher Price shopping cart next to my friend on a Sit 'N Spin? Good ole fashion fun, I tell you.

Girl's Weekend!! Four moms, no kiddos (well, Tracey's at a very minimal amount with nothing but cuteness for the time we spent with them), a movie, Whole Foods, and dinner at the Hula Hut. How much more perfect could this weekend have been for us? Not much, really. Who cares about a two hour wait for dinner when we have no children, margaritas, and a table overlooking Lake Austin to enjoy? Quickest two hours in my life! We laughed while telling stories ranging from strange traditions, siblings, tornados, and children. We discussed a wide range of topics including adequate food, home etiquette of destructive dog owners, and much much more.

I wish I could fully describe to you the respect and friendship I have formed with Amy, Jen, and Tracey. We were missing a few, but we know the next outing will include them if possible. I feel so blessed to have the friendships I do in my life. Would I survive a week without Deb? Surely not! I'm a lucky woman to have such friends.

Ladies--thank you for bringing out my inner silliness. Thank you for the wonderful weekend and the incredible laughs. I'm lucky to have you. Now, if only I could get my seriousness back to make it through this work week!!