Thursday, January 28, 2010


On Saturday, my heart expanded and added my third daughter. It was an unexpected C-section due to some little one flipping and becoming breech at the last minute (little stinker). Things didn't exactly go the way we anticipated, but in the end, it was all perfect. Katherine Sarah joined us at 8:34am on 1/23/10 weighing 8 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long.

She is the snuggliest, sweetest newborn. She cries when hungry or having a diaper change. Her looks are a perfect combination of her two sisters. She has the characteristic Scott girl nose, tons of hair, and long skinny toes.

We are in love.

Big sister is adjusting well. She loves Katie and wants to be close to her. Of course, she struggles with wanting me to do something and not liking that I can't because I am stuck nursing and unable to get up. I've made sure to give her extra loving and one on one time each day. We've had special story time just the two of us, time to color and play, and sweet snuggle time to help her with adjusting. Maggie is a wonderful big sister. She hated me being in the hospital and did not like leaving me there at nights, but has done so much better since I got home.

If you haven't already seen them, please visit Jen's blog at and see the blog post "Sisters." Make sure you have your Kleenex ready! Seeing the moment Maggie and Katie will meet will melt your heart.

I'm off to snuggle my girl before big sister gets back from school.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

39 weeks

Ignore the look of sheer exhaustion on my face. It was midnight and
while I love being with our friends, it was midnight and I was ready
to be asleep!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm spending this weekend on a modified amount of bedrest. Not because there is anything wrong with the baby or me (though I feel like absolute crud--thanks a lot morning sickness that won't go away!). It's so that my ubertalented, super great friend who has agreed to be in the delivery room to capture our first moments with Katie could go to LA for a fancy swag party that she and her 15 month old were invited to. Yep, you can read about it here. Jen tried to politely decline this incredible offer that could potentially help advance her career on account of Katie's impending arrival. I emphatically told her NO WAY and promised bedrest. Hey, for Maggie, I promised Dana and Dennis Eisenberg bedrest in my 38th week so they could take the boys to Disney. Why not for my photog friend to go to LA, right?

I'm mid way through my 38th week. We have a scheduled induction date of January 26th, one day after my due date if she doesn't come before that. With my other two girls, I was induced 8 or 9 days early. For Allie, she was on track to be a well over 9 lb baby. At 9 days early, she weighed in at 8lbs 6 oz (and crossed over 10 by her 2 week checkup). She was a tank! However, I wasn't dilated, cervix wasn't softened. I frankly wasn't ready but let the doctor convinced me (first time mom, I didn't know any better) to go for it. It was a bad decision. She wasn't ready AT ALL. I pushed her for a solid 3 hours. She would start to come out and suck back in. She had to be vaccuumed out and I had some severe issues. Yeah, I don't want that again.

With Maggie, I had a scheduled c-section for October 26th due to her being breech. I went in on the 25th for a pre-op appointment with Dennis, mentally prepared to have my baby in one day and totally DONE with being pregnant. That little girl flipped!! So, he induced me that night. She was 8 days early. Labor wasn't anywhere near as rough as Allie's but the pain was pretty significant (I know, stupid statement). Again, I wasn't dilated at all.

This time, if I can avoid the induction, I would prefer it. However, I don't want to go past my due date either. I'm pretty uncomfortable, having lots of Braxton Hicks, and I'm back to being sick again. I'm now down four pounds in the last week. I got sick during Andrew's birthday dinner Tuesday night and I'm barely eating because everything is making me feel cruddy. While I'm trying not to whine too much, I honestly feel bad for my husband right now. Poor man is listening to a lot of complaining. Guess that's the role of dad at this point since he can't share in the joy of this pregnancy gig!

So, that's where we are now. I'm working from home and getting lots done from my couch and laptop. I'm slowing down as much as I can. And I'm promising Jen to keep this baby in (hopefully!) until Sunday night when she returns.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Been There Done That

Just as I have with my other two pregnancies, I have once again become addicted to Babycenter and my birth board. I read daily what other moms due January 2010 write about---their questions, experiences, and advice. Most of them are FTM (First Time Moms) asking questions. Many are still so green about this thing called motherhood and what's in store for them. There are many posts requesting help from the "BTDT moms" (Been There, Done That).

That's me. This is my third pregnancy. My third time to go full term with heartburn, morning sickness (yes, without the medicine, I still get it. With it, well, I've gained 39 lbs so it works!), and experience labor. I've held two new babies in my arms. I've cried looking at my daughters and feeling my heart swell to a size I never thought imaginable. I've watched two babies grow.

But I've never had two at the same time.

I had one beautiful angel first. She was perfect. Everything about her was incredible. I loved her from the second I saw her chubby little cheeks. I lost her. Cancer stole her from me and I miss her more than I can ever describe.

Then I had my second beautiful little girl. She came out a spit fire. She was a screaming mess, and Andrew and I laughed and realized we were in for a wild ride. She's our funny girl, always surprising us and keeping us on our toes. I love her more and more each day and I'm just grateful for the opportunity to be her mom.

And now, I'm three weeks away (or less) from having what I know to be my next beautiful girl. I don't know what she will be like. I don't know if she will be a "chubalub" or a "tiny peanut" (as we described Allie and Maggie). I don't know if she will have the same blue eyes as her sisters, inherited from their father. I know I will love her as much as I do her sisters.

But what scares me most right now? While I've had two children, I've never had two at the same time. I've not had to juggle my love for my children or make sure I'm giving each child my attention. While I can answer the questions for the BTDT moms on Babycenter about my experiences of child birth, I have nothing to offer about what life with more than one is like. Even though this is my third child.

I was asked early on in this pregnancy by someone if I was going to have another so that I would actually have three. Thing is, then I would have four. I will always be one short. I am not wanting to chase after the child I no longer have. She will always be my daughter. I will love her until the day she dies. I plan to raise the two girls I have here and love them as much as possible and forever love the child I am without. That's the best I can do.

But first, I need to have this little girl. We're anxiously awaiting her arrival and this new experience in our lives. Two kids at one time? Haven't been there, done that, but I'm looking forward to trying.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Me and my girls ;)

Sorry for the lack of writing lately. No attention span long enough to
do it!

Maggie and I on NYE. 37 weeks tomorrow!!