Sunday, March 30, 2014

An Update

It seems that every time I blog that something is good, no, more than good, something quickly goes wrong.  Two days after my "Enjoying married life" blog post, life changed for us again.  I can't blog about it now, but I will tell you that things have been very challenging for us as a family.  We have struggled together with our anger towards others (specific, yes, but again, that's not for now), and we have felt more stress and pressure than any other time in our relationship.  In no way did we see this coming and we still struggle with the shock of it all as well. 

Things are not better yet and we're fighting like hell to keep our marriage safe from the crap that is happening.  We're giving each other as much love as possible.  We're giving each other as much understanding when we are dealing with emotions.  This man I married?  MY ROCK.  I am his I know as well.  We will not let this shake us or steal our joy. 

I just ask now for peace and guidance.  Sends us your happy thoughts and prayers, please.

So, moving on from that give an update on the GOOD things--

  • 16 got her first job!  She's working hard at a frozen yogurt place.  Unfortunately, it does cut her visiting here in Texas down more.  She only visited half of her Spring Break while we had 11 the entire time.  We all went to Oklahoma during our Spring Break and got to see her work.  Rob kept muttering "my baby" over and over.  Sweet to see him swell with such pride.
  • Brandy turns 13 next month!  I can't believe that my first baby is now so old.  She is still my sweet love, though sometimes I think Katie and I are the only two who still adore her as much (she can be a little high maintenance).
  • Katie has been trying soccer this season.  It could easily be the funniest 45 minutes of our week.  Our team, the Pink Ladybugs, is not exactly focused on the game.  These girls all go to preschool together and they are not all very athletic.  Water breaks and snacks are way more important than soccer goals. 
  • Maggie is loving 2nd grade!  She continues to work harder and is just blossoming.  She loves her Girl Scout troop and all the activities.  She's found two best friends who she just clicks with so well.  It's so awesome to watch her flourish lately.  She's really growing up. 
  • School has been a long year for me.  I am the department head and have a guy on my team that has sucked up a lot of time and energy.  He is not easy to deal with and has caused more headaches during my work day.  However, my teaching and my classroom has never been better.  It's a trade off. 
  • Rob will be celebrating 25 years of being in the military in July.  It's amazing to me to see his unfaltering commitment to serving our country.  I couldn't be more proud. 
  • 11 has really become the most loving big sister to the little girls!  She struggled at first, especially with not being the baby of the family.  Now, she steps in to be the helper when she is here to visit and the little girls are home too.  It's not frequent that it overlaps (only tonight this weekend because 11 is staying with us an extra day due to her school district having no school tomorrow).  She played with them during family dinner, helped them in the bath, and told them a story to tuck them into bed.  We try to compliment her often about how loving she has become with them. 
  • France is just around the corner.  We have a great group of students and parents traveling again this year.  I can't wait because my husband gets to go as a chaperone as well.  It will be his first time to travel abroad, with the exception of two tours to Iraq.  We will visit the D-Day beaches and American cemetery one week after the 75th anniversary of the landing.  Cannot wait to share this experience and a place I love so much with him!
  • We got a house!  We have been living in our apartment for almost two months now.  Thankfully, it is a really large apartment with plenty of space.  Like I said, we rarely have all four girls together.  It was two nights in all of March and only one night in April coming up.  However, we are SO excited to have a house we move into together.  Most of my things are still in storage, so we will be able to fully join our belongings.  The big girls have been helping come up with designs for decorating.  11 is working on an art project of creating these storage crates/seats for our media room right now!  I bought canvases for 16 to paint for a large photo collage wall she and I are creatingld  (you should see this kid's artistic talent--blows me away!).  They created a board on Pinterest for us all to pin house ideas to.  May 1st will be here before we know it and everyone is very ready.

Thanks for checking in.  All in all, we're good.  We're going to be good.  We have good kids and a good marriage.  Better than good--GREAT.   

PS--thanks for your comments and constant encouragement.  It always means a lot to me.  I ask that you please help me by just keeping everything positive right now.  If I can share one day what happened, I will.  If not, just know that your support and positivity will make more of a difference than anything else. Thanks!  --Jenny

Sunday, March 9, 2014