Monday, February 3, 2014

Enjoying the married life

I feel like every time I come to blog, I need to begin with an apology.  I'm so sorry it has taken so long for an update! Life is finally looking as though it will stabilize a bit for a while after the crazy of the past two months.

Two days after Thanksgiving, Rob and I went on a date.  We went out to dinner at RA Sushi for our favorite happy hour sushi.  Afterwards, he walked me to the bench where we sat on our first date.  Where we had our first kiss.  We snuggled for probably close to an hour, discussing our dreams for the future and our happiness in the present.  It was romantic and perfect.  I commented that it was my favorite spot for us to go and forget the rest of the world.  Just be us.  I love that we go back to that bench for random date nights.  I snuggled up and told him that I loved the bench and being there with him tonight.  That's when he said, "Yeah, who knows, maybe this is where we get engaged."  With that, he stood up, got down on his knee and said the sweetest words to ask me to be his wife. 

The engagement was quick and easy with very little stress.  We knew we didn't want a big wedding, just us and the four most important people in our world.  The wedding was exactly what we wanted.  Two days after Christmas, we became Mr. and Mrs. in front of my friend Johnny who is a federal judge, the amazingly talented Ann Beck, and our beautiful daughters.   The morning of our wedding was actually our Christmas morning with all four together.  We had a big pancake breakfast then finally decided it was time to get dressed and ready for the wedding.  The ceremony was absolutely PERFECT.  Nothing can fully describe how it was for us.  Both of us cried.  The big girls and Maggie each read a little part during the ceremony while Katie stood in between us as we engaged vows.  I stared at my husband and felt nothing but love and safety next to him.

Here are a few pictures from our wedding. A million thank you's to Ann Beck Photography for capturing these moments for our family of six

Instead of a reception or party, we opted for something very intimate and simple.  We invited a few closest friends and family from all areas of our life to join us for a dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  We told them that we would pay for a room and the cake if each family would pay for their own dinners.  No one complained about this plan.  We had 40 people in attendance, with about 15 of them being children.  It was such fun!  We loved getting to visit with everyone we love.  We tried to stay at each other's sides throughout the night.  I loved talking to someone and turning to feel my husband with his hand on my hip and a kiss on the cheek.  Have I told you how crazy in love with this man I am? 

Since the wedding, life hasn't slown down.  We didn't take a honeymoon.  Instead, we spent four nights and five days at a lakehouse cabin with us and the big girls for New Year's.  We had a terrific time and no one was ready to leave!  Rob and I met his two brothers, sister, their spouses, his aunt and cousin for a big surprise birthday weekend for his mom and dad in Charleston.  Then came birthday extravaganza!  Three of six of us--me, 16 (eek, she's 16 now!) and Katie--all have January birthdays.  We spent one weekend at Great Wolf Lodge courtesy of a wedding gift from a family member.  It was a blast but oh so exhausting. 

And then came the move. Oh, the move.  No movers, just us and a few friends helping along the way.  It's been stressful to get it all done and figure out our temporary living situation here at the apartment.  It's a tight little spot for us and sweet old Brandy had to move in with my mom for the time being (she can't handle the outside staircase), but we're happy to all be together.  

All in all, life is good.  No, great.  Life is better than ever and I'm so thankful for being where we are today.  

Love my husband.