Saturday, September 20, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

I must apologize. I've been a bad blogger as of late. I did my very quick post about our Allie Day with the promise of more of an update on the 5K and our Allie Day. Did I do it? No. I haven't blogged in a week. Checking my statcounter online, I see that you are still coming to visit and check in on me, but you just haven't seen anything new. So very sorry.

My fall work schedule is VERY hectic. In an attempt to focus and "be where I am" (recent advice about handling the work/home life balance), I have not been on the computer in the evenings. You see, I have a tendency to be a workaholic. If the computer is on for fun things like checking blogs or blogging, I can't help myself. I check emails. I follow up on topics or revise documents. I just.can' I've been trying not to answer emails when Maggie is dressing up with her princess outfits or take business calls during our morning drives to work. I'd much rather be singing her current favorite song, "I've Been Working on the Railroad." Am I always successful? Sadly, no. But, I am TRYING. I'm at least making a conscious effort.

Of course, that has meant that you, my kind supportive readers, have been neglected. I came to blog once or twice, but I didn't get further than an uncreative title to the post. It isn't like I haven't had things to blog about. Here are a few topics I could have chosen from:

  • The amazingly well executed and successful 5K. We are still tabulating our final numbers for revenue, but I can confidently tell you it was our most successful to date. By a landslide.

  • My emotional state for Allie Day. I did well, I promise. Thanks to some of the best family members I could possibly ask for and the kindest, most considerate group of friends on the planet. Even including a beautiful (and DELICIOUS) cake with the inscription of "We Love Allie" during our big party that night.

  • Maggie's very scary allergic reaction to fire ant bites that sent us to the ER Wednesday night. Swelling, hives, vomiting, wheezing. Our first ER visit and it was awful. You know how I said I held it together for Allie's anniversary? Yeah, well, I lost it Wednesday night going through that. Especially after she asked me, "I got sick like Allie?" Did your stomach drop reading that like mine did hearing those words come out of my baby? I knew it was coming at some point, but hearing those words really threw me for a loop.

  • Maggie's allergy testing. It didn't happen Thursday as anticipated because of her high doses of benadryl from the night before. You have to be off antihistamines for a week (complete hell in my home given that Maggie can't sleep without Zrytec--screams in her sleep). With the knowledge that she is now allergic to fire ants (and shellfish, and the allergist now believes she has asthma as well), we have been told we have to begin twice weekly allergy shots. We are definitely not looking forward to those! For now, we have a decent supply of Epi-pens everywhere Maggie loves--school, home, GaGa's house.

  • Heroes for Children. I think I could do blog post after blog post on HFC alone. Things are going SO well. Have you seen our new blog look? I love it!

  • My growing baby fever and Andrew's lack thereof. Would you believe it? I actually have baby fever. Yes, me. The same girl who told you all less than six months ago that I had no desire for another anytime soon. It all changed this summer after our lakehouse trip and the fever has been growing and growing ever since. Andrew on the other hand? Not so much. We're at an impass. It's one of the first times in our marriage that we haven't been on the same page about a big decision like this. Unfortunately for my baby fever, Andrew's feelings are currently winning and there is no baby in our horizon at this time. He knows my position, I know his. We'll see what happens.

  • A Brandy update. My sweet girl is looking so great! Her leg is healing well, and she is getting around the house better and better. She is still confined when we aren't home, but she is getting so much better.

  • My cooking disaster. Have you ever made homemade chocolate chip cookies and forgotten the sugar? Yep, I did. They were so gross! Maggie and I sure had fun making them though! Andrew is still chuckling over that one. He didn't marry a very domestic woman now did he?

So, you see, I've had things on my mind to share with you. I just haven't shared those things. Not because I didn't want to open up. More because I didn't want to open my laptop! I think I am going to close now since I've allowed the TV to be the babysitter during this blogging time, and have some playtime with Maggie (not in our backyard until the exterminator comes!!). I leave you with some recent pictures of my little, almost three year old diva...

Maggie started ballet, jazz, and tap! Lucky for me, the lessons are during the school day so I don't have to stress about nighttime classes.

Showing off her moves!

She loves to spin!

Baking with mom. We apparently remembered the butter. Just not the SUGAR.

Loving using the mixer

Daddy loving

Never missing a photo op

My girl is getting so big!

Anytime is dance time!

She's such a pretty girl


Melissa Spence said...

Love all the photos of Maggie, she's so precious! One thing I hated about moving to TX...the fire ants! Oh my I am so sorry to hear that Maggie had that traumatic experience and of her allergies. Poor baby.

That really cracked me up hearing about your cookies sans sugar!

Vickie said...

Maggie is so pretty! And so photogenic, she's just gorgeous. Will there be another Sugar Photography session coming soon?

Anonymous said...

The photos of Maggie are beautiful! Sorry to hear about the baking mishap, I once made cupcakes with 6 cups of water.. I've stayed out of the kitchen since then. Glad that the 5K was wonderful!!

Tammy said...

Oh Jenny she's getting soo big! Sorry to hear about the fire ants, I'm sure that was quite tramatic for both of you. Andrew is looking good as usual. Come on Andrew, get on the baby bus, please! Hugs from Fort Worth. P.S. those cookies were good for your diet I bet, lol

Kelly said...

Oh My! That was an event-filled post!

So sorry to hear about Miss Maggie's allergies. Her reaction was terrifying to read about. And her question... awful. She must have been so scared.

I'm also glad to know that other husbands and wives don't always agree on when to have another baby! We're at that point in our family too.

Kelly said...

Are you sure she's your daughter?... I mean, she looks NOTHING like you (note the sarcasm)!!! She is just a little beauty and growing up so fast!

Anissa Mayhew said...

I'm not sure WHERE to start commenting! So many things. Glad that the 5K was good, ours went fantastic as well. So glad that the ER visit is over, but Maggie broke my heart.

On a side note, my 7 yo daughter had show and tell this week. I totally forgot but she didn't. She took a picture of her baby sister in and told her entire 2nd grade class about leukemia and what her life has been in. Oh. My heart. So proud and so sad at the same time.

You are always in my faithful prayers.

HollyH said...

Great post...Maggie is just SO beautiful! She is getting so big. Yes, my eyes started filling up after reading the hospital comment she made.
Don't feel bad about the cookies- I melted a George Foreman grill inside my oven, caught a casserole on fire AND made a homemade cake that turned into a literal doorstop! It's disgusting. I shouldn't be allowed near a kitchen.
Thanks for keeping us updated on everything going on! You'd think you would have time to relax a little after the 5k, but I see it's not so easy!

karen3480 said...

I love the pictures. Maggie's response did choke me up. Have you guys thought about sending her to a child psychologist?

I started going to one when I was about that age maybe a bit older. I had horrible separation issues with my parents always afraid that something would happen to them or me. I wouldn't sleep in my own bed till I was 5 or 6.

I had a brother who was 2 years younger than me he was stillborn. I always knew about Danny. My parents always told me he was in heaven but little kids don't understand things like that. They just know something bad happened and this person isn't here anymore. I think from watching too much tv...I thought everyone died in car accidents I guess that's the way I thought he died...My mom told me I used to promise her that I wouldn't learn how to drive when I grew up.

I was also extremly upset when my other brother was born when I was 7. I guess I thought because Danny was a boy baby and died I thought this would happen to the new baby and my parents would be very sad. I'm only guessing now that it's 21 years later.

It's just a thought,for you guys. Especially if you're thinking of another baby-everyone is different and maybe Maggie wont think the way I thought.

Dee said...

Sweet Maggie is so cute!! EEEKK about the fire ants! Yes I choked up at her question. Congrats on the walk! We are at the same impasse at our house regarding a third baby. Thanks for the laugh of the day with the cookie story! I really enjoy your blog thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Love the pictures! Maggie is so beautiful. I love the curls in her hair!

My aunt once made chocolate chip cookies and mixed up the salt and sugar--so the recipe got a cup of salt instead of sugar! Talk about gross!

I love that you have the baby fever! Andrew will come around, just give him time. :)

aiden's mama said...

Maggie is so cute! thanks for sharing the pictures. We all understand that you always don't nave time to post, we all have busy lives.

Lisa H said...

Sorry to hear about Maggie and her allergic reactions. I know asthma can be acarry at times. You didn't say if you had to buy a nebulizer or not. My daugher Angel has asthma too. When she was little baby till 3 years old we took treatments all the time. The mask always scared her so we sung to her. It scared me so when I acted nervous it upset her more. Hopefully, things will get better soon.Maggie is geougeous. I bet she has you both wrapped around her little finger. Jessie and her look alot a like, Jessie is blonde and curly headed too and Aunt Penny says she is all Lawson. Love Lisa

Adrianne said...

We were in the ER for an allergic reaction to a spiderbite. Not to the extent of epipen yet. But when the ants bite Cole his poor foot looks awful... He always asks, Why do bugs like to bite me? And they do. Pick anybody in a room and the stinging, biting bugs are going to find him first!!

♥Kelly♥ said...

Thanks for updating us faithful Scott followers. :) I feel like a stalker some days and make myself not check in for a day or two! lol

Maggie is just precious, she's really changed and looks like a big girl recently. That's when the baby fever hit for me too! By the time my girl was 4 I had to have another. I hope you and Andrew get on the same page soon.

Good luck with the allergy testing! It'll be a relief to know what is safe and what all to watch.

Anonymous said...

Fire Ants! OMG! And yes, my heart just skipped a beat, reading what she said. Of all the weeks to have to go through something so traumatic... good grief. I'm so sorry. I'm so glad she's ok! Maggie looks like such a BIG girl in these pics! I can't get over how old she looks. I still think of her as a baby.

I wonder if that is part of what's kicking in the baby fever for you? It must be hard not to be on the same page. Prayers that you will both figure out a plan that's good for you both. It must be so much more of an anxiety-filled decision for the two of you, after what you went through with Allie.

We celebrated Allie Saturday night in Morgantown at Light the Night with a big fireworks display. I'll have my hubby dump the camera this week and post some pictures of the kids and their "we're walking for Allie Scott" stickers. Didn't raise as much as I'd have liked this year, but every little bit helps. I'm glad you had a good Allie Day this year, too. I cannot imagine the depth of the mixed emotions you must go through on that day. Many hugs to you!

robinandamelia said...

Great pics of Maggie!! One thing you can say for sure, is you and Andrew make very beautiful babes!! Sorry to hear about Maggie's reactions, scary.
All the best!

Amie said...

longtime reader saying that i know your heart must have DROPPED when she said that about being sick! so glad she is OK!!!

Lindsay/aggiebonfire00 said...

i am so sorry to hear about maggie's experience with the ants. hopefully the days pass quickly until her allergy appt.

i hope that your husband changes his mind about having another baby. i swear...y'all have the cutest kids ever!!! not to mention you and andrew are amazing parents.

Dr.Rutledge said...

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Good health!
Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD