Saturday, July 4, 2009

When I'm a Big Sister

Recent declarations from Maggie:

When I'm a big sister.....

  • I will drive a car all by myself.
  • I will love my baby and buy him clothes.
  • I will swim by myself under water and not cry.
  • I will cut my own hair.
  • I will buy the baby toys so he won't play with mine.
  • I will go to big sister school.
  • I will change diapers.
  • I will cut my own bread with a knife.
  • I will eat all the candy I want.
  • I will ride a bike all by myself.

Oh my.


tricia said...

Oh My is right! Miss Independence! LOL

Bluegrass Mama said...

She sounds like a Mercer Mayer "Little Critter" book!

HPTeach said...

That's adorable! It sounds like the baby might be staying in Mommy's time for some time :)

Bethany said...

Wow, that's quire a list! She's going to be a great big sister, though :)

Heather said...

hee...hee...sounds like you might have your hands full in a few months! Have you guys even started to prepare her for the fact the baby "could" be a girl?

Adrianne said...

Those are great... She will love hearing those when she is older and about to be a mom herself!

Amy said...

Sounds like you'd better hide the scissors and knives! LOL....

Coleen said...

So funny. Actually by the time the baby is born she might be doing those things b/c Brin has cut her own hair (made herself some bangs one day), cuts her own bread with a butter knife, can swim under water and not cry and rides a bike by herself (with training wheels of course) and Maggie should be Brin's age by the time the baby comes. At least some of it's possible!

robstercraw said...

Emma (who was 4 when her sister Abby came along) was ALL about driving the car! Told me that at least once a day while I was pregnant! The good news is that she has not once actually attempted it in the 17 months since her sister was born! ;)
You will love the stuff coming your way with Maggie and the pregnancy, it is so much fun because girls are SO into it!
May I suggest getting one of those handheld dopplers (you can rent them) to have at home to hear the heartbeat with her? We loved doing that in our house because you can also let her hear her own heartbeat with it.
Ashley Taylor in NC

Kelly said...

Absolutely hilarious! Jenna used to say similar things when I was pregnant with Ryan (she was the same age as Maggie). And when he was born, she very calmly (at the hospital) asked me to ...."hand him to me Mommy so that I can walk around" ???!!! LOL!

Good luck and ENJOY IT!!