Friday, October 23, 2009

Fabulous Four

On Monday, my little peanut turns four years old. Maggie is just a whirl of fun. She continues to be an absolute treasure and love in my life. She's fun and precocious with a real flair about her. I can't believe my baby is turning four.

Let me tell you a little about my funny girl lately--

  • Girlfriend is a self proclaimed "wockstah." Any chance to shake her booty, she seizes the opportunity. She moves her hips and busts a move as soon as she hears music. At night, she likes us to turn on the music using our DVD player (Pandora hooked to our DVD--it's awesome!). We usually play something old school (one night she was booging to Rump Shaker!). I love watching her dance so much. Makes me smile instantly

  • In an effort to get her out of the habit of crawling in bed with me in the middle of the night every night, I instituted a little reward system. She now earns marks for sleeping in her own bedroom all throughout the night. We made a little chart on a dry erase board and she gets to make the marks herself. The first time, she had to earn seven marks to earn a trip to Target. She did it easily. Now she is working on earning ten marks. It's working so well for her. My girl loves her a trip to Target!

  • The WHY questions are in full force. Car drives anywhere are peppered with why questions. Some are simple enough--"Why do you like to talk to Aunt Bobby?" "Why do you and Daddy work?" Some questions are a bit more challenging "Why do I have a Mama?" "Why do people not come back from Heaven?" or my recent favorite question "Why is there magic?" Her curiosity is so great. It's exhausting at times, but I love it.

  • We never know how we will find Miss Maggie at night when she's gone to bed. She has a timer that allows her quiet play time in her room after our bedtime routine is complete. Once the timer goes off, she is supposed to be in her bed. Of course, this doesn't always happen. She's been sleeping on her floor with pillow and blankets lately. The other day, I found her sleeping on the floor with cowgirl boots and holding the pumpkin she got at the pumpkin patch. Silly girl.

  • She is very interested in the baby coming. She talks about Baby Katie constantly. She loves to kiss my belly. If she bumps into me, she will immediately say, "Sorry Katie!" She's discovered that people find it funny so that she now continues to bump me in the boobs and declare "Sorry MILK!" Yeah, it's pretty cute.

Oh how I could go on and on about my girl. She is such a joy and delight in my life. She makes us so incredibly happy. The past four years with Maggie have been incredible. We look forward to this next chapter with her and bringing her sister in the world.

Happy birthday to our beautiful Munchie Moo!


Amy said...

4! I can't believe it. Happy Birthday Maggie!

As for the floor sleeping thing, all of my kids did/do it too. And my Maggie is 6 1/2 and climbs into bed with us at least a couple of times a week. Being that she's my youngest of 3, I don't mind. I treasure it because soon she'll be too old and not even want anything to do with me..LOL..I understand where you are coming from though cuz of the new baby coming.

Ishouldberiding said...

I have never met you but I found your blog/site thru Crys Aigner...I used to work with her husband at Citi. So, I have a friend that owns the Childrens Lighthouse in Little Elm (Angela Seigal) and saw that she was doing a fundraiser for HFC!! That is awesome...small world...If you ever need anything, PLEASE let me know!!!

Carmen said...

I can't believe Maggie is really does seem like yesterday that Dana was keeping everyone up to date on your labor and delivery. Maggie's was one of the most fun birth's I've had the pleasure of attending, my only internet birth. I could never forget her birthday. Happy Birthday Beautiful Maggie....

Emily Gore said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY, mAgGiE!! ♥

Carolein said...

Happy 4th Birthday Maggie! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Hugs from NY,


Emily Gore said...

Jenny, I had a picture I wanted to send you... do you have facebook or an email address?


3fishies said...

This post makes me SMILE!! Jenny, you know I love your GIRLS!!! I hope I get a chance to meet little Miss Katie too. I am STILL having the 'sleep with me' issue and she's six-is it wrong to admit that I kinda love it??? But I really like the Target idea-my girl LOVES LOVES Target. And now we drive by TWO everyday on the way home...

Amie said...

Happy Bday Mags! We love you!

snekcip said...

Happy 4th birthday Maggie!

snekcip said...

PS Sadden that I could not read all the precious antics of Texas Twinadoes anymore! Please tell that beautiful little family I MISS THEM SO MUCH!! OMG that was the most beautiful little boys! I met them thru you and it was a MORE THAN A PLEASURE to read!

Jen said...


I hope that Maggie had a great 4th b-day. I know you have a lot of "power" with this sort of thing, and hopefully you don't mind my posting it here:

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His latest update can be found at (hopefully that link works). Thanks so much for your help!