Sunday, January 30, 2011


On Twitter, hashtags are created to let people see a certain topic and everything being written about it. #batshitcrazyyoga is my favorite hashtag. Why? Because that's me and my yoga crew of women. We aren't all zen and reflective as what you think of yoga people. We giggle or make faces at each other in the middle of a pose. We lean over to whisper before class starts. We grown and look at each other in commiseration when we have to get into triangle pose. We support each other in our practice and in our lives.

I LOVE the #batshitcrazyyoga crew. It's grown but started as me and three other women including Debbie. We've had several more join in on the madness. We use Twitter and texting to communicate our yoga plans for the following day or a few days in advance. On any given day, there is a Twitter conversation between us on who is going and what studio we're attending. The yoga studio has several different locations with various times, so we try to accomodate schedules. Some of us go more frequently than others. Unfortunately, my work schedule restricts me from going as much as others, but I try to get there 2-4 times a week. Some weeks are easier than others for me. I'm now at 72 classes. I've been every day for the last three days and it feels great (though my legs are currently jello).

Over the last ten years, I've joined three gyms, completed a half marathon, and bought countless workout tapes. I never stuck to anything past three months. I've been doing yoga for well over six months and don't want to stop. I've finally found the exercise that is right for me. I agreed to yoga to get Debbie off my back about it. Figured I would try it once, hate the heat, and be done with the obligation. I don't like heat (it's a mere 98 degrees in the room for the main class we take). I don't like to sweat. I don't like exercise. Why on God's green earth would I possibly like yoga? I don't like it. I LOVE IT. I'm watching it transform my body and strengthen me. I've lost two dress sizes without starving myself. I eat healthier but I have been on a nontraditional nondiet since August (that's a post for another day--my breaking free of emotional eating). Clothes fit again.

I'm challenging myself. Yoga is a discipline that takes years to master. I am better at some poses than others. I can't hold the standing bow position for a full 60 seconds without falling out at least once. It took me over 30 classes to finally be able to be comfortable enough to go back far enough to get camel pose down better. I'm determined to one day be able to do the crow pose, but I'm nowhere near it yet.

I am fortunate to have the #batshitcrazyyoga crew. It's nice to work out with them. Rarely do I go on my own. At least one other is usually there. I never do as well without one of them on a mat next to me. There is something about having that person next to you with a like minded goal and determination there to support you that makes all the difference. We may also mouth a few cuss words to each other when we're exhausted or when someone just rocked a pose so much that it deserves a "holy shit!"

To my batshitcrazyyoga crew--thank you for the encouragement and support you continually provide. Namaste, bitches! :)


Debbie said...

The yoga crew rocks. I'm glad you finally gave in and came with me. :) This has seriously changed our lives for the better. Love you and all the girls.

Kara said...

Love you girls silly. I owe it to you and Debbie for getting me started. Life changer. I look forward to bringing the crazy with you girls every time. #batshitcrazyyoga crew FTW.

Jillian said...

Yoga is magical. Your batshitcrazy teachers love you too!

I think through my profile you can see one of my blogs and I post about yoga too. I think the Magic Mirror is the more recent one. I'm a terrible inconsistent naughty blogger.


lis said...

I'm impressed. I hate exercise, too, and long to have a lean, fit body. Those don't go together. I'm so wistful that this could be me!

Looking forward to post on breaking the cycle of emotional eating... You look great, by the way!

beemama said...

I wish I lived closer -- your "crew" sounds perfect to me :) Yoga is something I've always wanted to try. I am currently training for my second half-marathon, and have yoga lined up for afterward. I scored a 30-class pass to our local studio on one of those Groupon deals and I am really looking forward to it, in a masochistic sort of way LOL Now I just need to find my own batshitcrazyyoga crew to do it with me!! Because like the half-marathon, every misery is better with girlfriends, and we are so much stronger together.

Myshel said...

OMG, I loved this post sooo much.
My fav. part... "Namaste, Bitches!"
Cracked me up from the 1st sentence. I love seeing the fun you.


Christy said...

Amazing! I have just found Bikram and I love it, too! I've been going to Bikram Yoga Richardson (love the teachers there) but going to try Sunstone soon! It surprises me every time with something new I learn. :) Glad you are enjoying it!

Tara said...

Hi Jenny - I'm been reading along forever and haven't really commented well, at all. Just wanted to know that I've enjoyed laughing, crying, and all that in between with you through your blog. Thank you for sharing and your honesty!

Gotta say that I am impressed - you are the SECOND person this week that talked about yoga as a life changing experience. Love that! I may have to get my butt in gear and get on that too because I could use some of that in my life ;)

Glad that all is well!!!

AZMom247 said...

I've been reading your blogs forever - and hardly ever comment. The personal journey you have been, and continue to be, on is amazing! You are a true inspiration!!

I love reading you on twitter..well I did. If I can ever follow you again, please add me. AZFFWIFE (I'm private)
Jacquie in AZ

Lyndsay said...

Hi Jenny,

I'm a long time reader or your blog (starting with Scotthousehold) and I've been a follower on Twitter. I replied to one of your posts yesterday and then later noticed that I'd been blocked from your Twitter feed. I know you've become somewhat of a public figure having such a popular blog, so if you're closed your feed to strangers like me I totally understand. I just wanted to make sure that I haven't said or commented anything to offend you. I have great respect for what you have done in Allie's memory, great envy for the beautiful friendships you have with your posse, and great admiration at your hot yoga practice. I started hot yoga in December (we tweeted about it) and fell in love too.

All the best to you,


@Lyndsay0676 on twitter

stephleighjenkins said...

Hey Jenny,

Been a faithful follower for many years -- starting with Allie and babycenter. Love reading the blogs and especially you on twitter (because you crack me up and brighten my day). Can you add me to your twitter followers? I'm blocked from your tweets now! Did I do something wrong?

@the4jenkins is my twitter name

mama2cuteboys said...

Did something happen that made you go private on twitter?
I am a faithful follower, and will miss your updates.

Mama2cuteboys ( Twitter name)

sdk66 said...

Hope everything is allright. You have had such a struggle, but the last 6 months you have overcome so much. Sorry you have had to make your Twitter private, hope you will consider adding me.

Sandra Kinkead,
Cypress, TX


Elena said...

I wish we had hot yoga here in Georgia!!! Your weight loss journey inspires me. I miss your tweets! Would love to still follow you. Don't know why but twitter isn't the same without your tweets :)
All the best,

Amanda said...

I am so inspired by your progress in yoga. There is a place near me that does it but not at good times. I would love an early morning yoga class b/c I am not good at doing something later in the day. You have done so well and your latest pic you posted on twitter was so awesome--you look AMAZING!

Speaking of twitter...I have been a follower of yours for a long time. I knew something was up when you hadn't 'tweeted' in a while so I tried to look at yours and it said your tweets were protected. I'm so sorry you have had to go this route (I thought you had a separate twitter account that was private). I have always enjoyed your tweets and your insight. I follow you and Deb and Tracey--well I did follow you. If you ever decide to allow strangers--I'm aestraw. I've tweeted to you before suggestions when you have asked for them. I love reading about the stuff your girls do and say. :)

I hope all is well. Take care and I hope you keep up blogging!

cath said...

Congratulations on finding yoga and your transformation. I wish you continued happiness. I have recently started yoga myself and think of you and your crew from time to time while at class. Sorry to see your twitter go private. Keep on blogging - I've quietly followed you for years.

Take care - Namaste :-)

Michelle said...

I've been reading you forever too. My daughter is a couple months younger than Maggie. Miss following you on Twitter. I was getting inspired to try this whole yoga thing = ) I'm glad to see you've found happiness! Sorry you had to go private.

meechaiellia (twitter)

Jacki said...

I love you and our crew so much! Yoga has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can share here.

LOVE, Love, love you all.