Wednesday, December 14, 2011


No order or reason for this blog post.  Just random thoughts floating in the head....

  • School is out in three more days.  THREE.  Going out with a group of friends to see my friend Chris perform in a Christmas play and we will be celebrating. 
  • Really looking forward to the holiday break with my girls.  They are home with me every day.  The week before Xmas, I have them evenings too.  The week after, A has them every evening but I have them during the day.  We have some fun things planned with playdates, a sleepover, going to look at lights.  Maggie and I are going to leave Katie with my mom and see my student in the Nutcracker with the Royal Ballet.  All good things
  • A and I rarely exchanged gifts.  Birthdays, Valentine's, Christmas--we just didn't do it.  We easily went years just buying something for our home or not doing anything at all.  He gave me a gift on my birthday last year for the first time in years and it shocked me.  I told MM I'm fine not exchanging gifts.  I don't need anything.  He very firmly informed me that he is NOT ok with that.  So, I've been trying to think of the right thing for him.  Thing I figured it out (can't write about it of course since he does read this blog) but just need to get it all together.  Need to take the girls to get a gift for A as well. 
  • Allie's birthday is this Saturday.  The girls and I are going to Medical City Hospital to visit Dr. Goldman and deliver his annual birthday cake on Friday after school gets out.  It is A's weekend with the girls but he is allowing me to have some time with them on Saturday, so I will pick them up and take them for lunch.  Meeting Frances, A's mom as well.  I miss her and being a part of that family.  Will be nice to be with her a little bit.  I'm very thankful that A and I are so respectful to each other when it comes to Allie.  No matter what, we are connected because we are raising two children together.  We communicate just about every day about the children and we get along fairly well.  We've had a few fights but for the most part, we actually get along better than I expected.  We can even laugh and small talk at times.  When it comes to Allie, we have a bond that will never go away.  We share something there.  No one else knows what it was like to lose their daughter, Allie Scott, but the two of us.  No one truly understands that pain and that lose besides Andrew.  He and I have promised to never deny each other the children on days that are special regarding Allie and we will always respect that grief for the other.  I appreciate that about our relationship. 
  • I don't know how, but I have managed to maintain my weight since June.  I am a size four and fluctuate between 126-128 lbs.  These are words I've NEVER said before IN.MY.LIFE.  I don't know how long I can keep this but I hope a while. I'd like to stay between a size 4-6 if I can.  I love trying on clothes and feeling good about how I look.  I would like to really buckle down on the exercise front and start toning and taking care of the flab I have but we'll see.  Helps that MM is in excellent shape, runs all the time, and eats healthy.  He motivates me too. 
I think that's all I have for now.  Sorry for the random.  I will most likely not post much over the break beyond a photo or two.  I don't have internet at home anymore (to save money).  So, unless I use MM's internet card, I won't write much.


Lyndsay said...

It sounds like you've got some fun things on the horizon! And I love that you and MM will be doing presents - you deserve to be surprised and spoiled and reminded that you are special and appreciated!!

Enjoy your holidays!

Carla said...

Have a fantastic break Jenny! Much happiness to you and the girls (& MM,too). Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I hope MM spoils the heck out of you! You deserve it! And you know I'll be thinking of you this Saturday, and remembering Allie. She was such a special little thing! I will never, ever forget her.

Enjoy the break from school!

Dusty said...

I think of your sweet Allie all of the time. Enjoy your Christmas break with your girls.

Robin said...

Great blog entry...enjoy your visit with Dr. Goldman and your holidays with the kids/family. All the best. Can't wait to hear what MM gives you for Christmas, I'm sure it will be awesome..

tricia said...

Enjoy your holiday season!

I'm glad that you are experiencing a totally different relationship. You deserve being treated like a lady.

I will be thinking of Allie