Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Heart

Last night, Deanna met me and the girls at a random field in Plano for a photo session.  Our first as our little family of three.  We brought bubbles, hula hoops, costumes, and even Maggie's ballet recital outfit.  Katie was a bit jealous at the pretty "rina dress" and insisted she try it too.  The result?  Photography perfection. 

These girls are my everything.  My world and my heart.  To have them captured by Deanna's camera like this?  Couldn't be more thankful.  I keep staring at the photos and even texted a friend "I made them."  I have tears staring at my beautiful babies. 

Thank you so much, De!!  Anyone who is local and looking for portraits of their family this spring needs to check out


Debbie said...

Gah!! Amazing pictures! The last one of Maggie - stunning! What a beauty she is!!

The top one of Katie (in Maggies dress)- freaking adorable!!

Beautiful Family!!

You look happy Jenny!

Karen said...

One word....BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Jenny looking at these pictures brought tears to my eyes.

Sending Love and hugs,

Kirsten said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful girls. Love.

One crazed mommy said...

How gorgeous - all three of you!!! And Deanna is very talented - what a truly wonderful gift she has! :) The girls are growing up so fast. LOVE the photos!!!

Lyndsay said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Tracy said...

No wonder you have tears! The pictures are fabulous! You did "make them" and you should be so proud!

Cathy said...

Wow! What gorgeous shots of both girls! The top pic. of Katie is especially beautiful, as is the close-up of Maggie.

I also love the one of the three of you, especially with Katie's little wrinkled nose! You look so wonderful, Jenny!

San Diego
Long time follower, but I don't post much!

Robin said...

Goregous photos as usual!!

Ness said...

What are you using on these girls---Miracle Grow? I can't believe our babies are growing up. Katie has really grown up before my eyes. Maggie is stunning. And the pic(s) of the 3 of you together....had to get out the hankie because I could just imagine Ellie there with all of you. Sounds like one of you need to move closer....absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it boggles the mind! I was in IL and my MM in NY for almost a year and saw each other 3 times. It will work out the way it is supposed to. Love to all. Ness.

Angie Clark said...

Beautiful, beautiful family!!! You DID make them, Jenny...and you done good. .:) what a survivor you are

Kelly said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!! Those girls are so cute and you look stunning!! So nice to see you so happy.

Jacq said...

Such beautiful girls!

I have been admiring your portraits for years, and we've recently moved to McKinney from California so I will definitely be using Deanna for our next portraits - so excited!!