Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dream Attack

For the past six months or longer, I've had the same dream. A man, an attacker, enters our home. He is standing in our doorway while we are sleeping. It scares the crap out of me. Wakes me in my sleep and keeps me from being able to fall back asleep. I have trouble going to sleep at night from this image in my head. The alarm system is being activated on Saturday morning! Maybe I will catch a few more zzz's after that!!

It's been a week of crazy dreams. I came back to a slammed work week, putting in 13-15 hour days. So busy!! Today, I finally crashed and came back home for a 3 hour nap! But, the dreams, oh the dreams have been so bad! Crazy ones.

Here is the list of this week's attack of the subconscious (is that the correct spelling or is it conscience??)

  • A rich friend (faceless of course) gave me a restaurant. It was a high end fancy restaurant and I was named the sole owner. Needed a manager, so naturally, I hired my friend Brandon to run the restaurant. But, I couldn't let my control freak nature go, and I was sticking my nose in the business. The dream ended with Debbie and I screaming at each other with her yelling to "get the hell out of the kitchen!" Sorry, Brandon and Deb, I don't think we should go into business together anytime soon!! Weird dream!

  • Last night's dream was the attacker. As I said, it's a reoccuring theme in my slumber. This time, it woke me in the night and I couldn't fall back asleep. Andrew had to hold me at 3:30am to help me feel comfortable. Every time I fell asleep, I saw the image of this man. Of course, once Andrew comforted me, I finally fell asleep. This time, the image of the attacker turned into a fat man that Andrew and I were punching to get out of our house. We kicked the guy's ass too!!

    And finally--my mom guilt dream---

  • I was sitting in my office and an article about Heroes and Handbags was in the paper. In the dream, I open the paper to find the article has pictures of handbags, but an entirely different article was there. It's contents? It was all about how bad of a mother I was!! It said that it was a good thing Maggie has such an active father as her mother can best be found at her office or in a meeting. The mom guilt is invading my sleep!! Now, this was the night I was up until 1am working to play catch up (took a 6 page to-do list down to two in the last four days--yeah!!), and I went to sleep right after closing the computer.

    Tylenol PM, here I come!!


    Sugar Photography said...

    are you pregnant? I always had vivid dreams when pg.

    I'm just sayin...

    something is sure in the water these days! you never know!

    (you're welcome)

    Heather said...

    Be careful with the Tylenol PM. I took that once and woke up in the middle of the night--I was randomly in the bathroom with the shower running. It was only a little after midnight. Very strange.

    The Success Blog said...

    What is up with the attacker dreams??? My husband, Michael, keeps having a reoccuring dream that someone breaks into our house too. He says that in his dream he hits the attacker, hits him with a bat and shoots him but none of that stops the guy. He has had it a handful of times in the past couple of months. In his sleep, he starts yelling and kicking and I know the dream is back. He has been working alot of hours too- maybe that is the connection???? I hope your dreams are peaceful soon!

    Happy Labor Day weekend,

    nodnarB! said...

    We can joint venture in all the restaurants you want but I do agree with you. You and Deb can patronize the place but not co-manage. You just can't have too many hotties in the kitchen!!!

    candeloop said...

    You're not pregnant, are you? I always had weird dreams when I was expecting. As a matter of fact that is how I started to suspect my last pregnancy - strange dreams for a week or so and than that weird "stomach bug" started...
    Hope you get back to sweet dreams soon.


    Inga Rós said...

    Now, why aren´t you posting replies to those pregnancy allegations Jenny? Are you pregnant???

    Sweet dreams!

    Emily Gore said...

    I secretly hope you ARE pregnant!! =] I have horrible dreams sometimes. Very weird and random things, but like you, alot of them are about someone breaking into our home. I rarely sleep anyways, at best I get 4 hours a night. But I wake at least 3-4 times every night too. I have random dreams. I will be dreaming of something and out of nowhere something else happens and changes my dream. I dont know... I think you are the most wonderful mother in the world. Both your girls and your sweet Andrew love you very much and there is no denying it! You are working hard to bring an end to the suffering you knew not so long ago - and we are all so proud of you for that. You are a fantatsic mommy - don't let these dreams make you believe otherwise... Hope you start sleeping better - and if not, I would mention it to your Dr. My Dr gave me Ambien to help me sleep and it works well for me. Hope this helps. Chin up honey. *hugs*