Friday, July 18, 2008

Never knew duct tape came in so many colors!

Just checking in while at Camp Discovery. The week has been yet another phenomenal year. I'm thoroughly exhausted after more than six hours worth of clean up and packing. We're the first group finished (yeah Arts & Crafts), but we still have a few more things to do before heading home tomorrow. This afternoon is "Jello War." Imagine a large soccer field, baggies of Jello, and cans of whipped cream. 15 minute free for all. The fire department is on their way over to hose the kids down after they have doused in sugary nastiness. And then it will take at least two to three good washing to clean out the sticky grossness out of our hair.

This year, Arts and Crafts has meant two things--wood project and duct tape. The picture you saw in the blog post below? Simply a first attempt. By the end of the week, I was the duct tape pro. Need a wallet? Grab some duct tape. Beach bag? You can even find it in hot pink and lime green. Tie? Oh yeah, I got you covered. I made photo bags, wallets, small handbags, coin purses. We went through close to fifty rolls of duct tape! Did you know there was such an assortment of colors? We had everything from purple to metallic silver. And the kids? Friggin loved it!

Oh, it's time for me to get covered in Jello. Gotta go! I'll be home tomorrow with my sweet family.


Myshel said...

My daughter's friend made one, and I thought it was adorable. How about a link to the designs?
I would love to spend a day and make a purse with my daughter, a wallet with my son, and a Beach bag for myself. A tie?? oh yeah, we could make one for daddy.

PLEASE how do you make them?

Jennifer said...

There's actually an annual scholarship contest held by the company that makes it, you have to make your prom attire out of it, and then send in photos, and the couple with the best design both win a scholarship.

Wendchymes said...

Hi Jenny, my name is wendy, and i have followed your blog here, to check in on you from time to time, and oh, lil miss maggie, is just the sweetest thing. she is sooo darling, and i know what joy she must bring to you, and for that i am so happy. I have been so moved by your story, for years, and came to be so deeply touched by allie, and her story. at the time, my daughter sierra, was an infant, and only a few weeks younger than allie, so your story especially devastated me. I sent you a memory charm bracelet, and hope that someday perhaps you can give it to maggie, and add charms to it, to represent your lives together and to honour allie.

anyway, i just has a new baby niece born, named aliza, and we sometimes call her allie. and i always think of your beautiful allie, when we do. just wanted you to know that allie really did touch so many lives, and continues to do so. if the measure of a life lived well, is one of being loved, and touching the lives of others, well then, your allie certainly did accomplish more than most people do in a whole lifetime.

i wish you much peace, you are a beautiful mother, and a beautiful family, much happiness to all of you.