Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer fun time, out in the sunshine (start whistling to the tune of You Are My Sunshine)

Here's what my week will look like next week--

I'm going to wake up early. I'm going to go to bed late. I might sit down for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During that time, my head will be pounding as cups are slammed on the tables. I will be covered in paint and picking it out of my hair before climbing into bed. I'll cry. I'll laugh.

My feet will hurt. My body will ache. I won't even care that my bed is so incredibly uncomfortable when I climb in because I'll be so tired that it doesn't matter. I'll shower with flip flops and check my shoes every morning for anything that might have crept in during the night. My food will all be served on a plastic tray, and I will abandon all thoughts of eating healthy. Hopefully, I'll keep my elbows off the table, or else I might have to run around it before resuming my meal.

I'll dance (in a toga), swim, sing silly songs, and spend about twenty minutes washing Jello and whipped cream from my hair (but the burning sensation will be stuck in my nose for several hours afterwards!).

At the end of the week, I will want to fall over and sleep for another week.

And I can't wait! Camp Discovery starts tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear about all the beautiful new memories you will have made and the awesome kids!

Hooray for getting messy! :P

Angie said...

Hey Jenny! Hope you have a great time at camp this year - make it a great one with lots of pics to share with us, okay? Be safe & come back to us!

Anonymous said...

You'll stop in Austin on the way home for lunch again? Yes?

Jenny said...

Tracey--I flew this year! The drive after a week of camp is EXHAUSTING and I decided to fly instead. Sorry!

Checking in from the program office while waiting for a counselor meeting. So much fun. Very little sleep.

HollyH said...

I seriously am considering doing this next summer.....