Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No slowing down around here

This week may just kick my ass. I'll be exhausted. I'll want a really long nap. I'll be so damned happy that I won't care. It's been great.

Here's the rundown:

Sunday--Father's Day. Nothing special for Andrew. He just wanted a nap and some snuggling with his girls, so Maggie and I let him have both.

Then, it was off to help some of our best friends finally move to their new Dallas (swinging 70's entertainment pad) house.

Sunday night, Tracey and I escaped to meet Jen and Deanna to see the Hangover. Freaking hilarious and exactly what we needed.

Monday--Lunch meeting to meet our newest social worker at Medical City Children's Hospital. Ran into one of my all time favorite students at the restaurant. We hugged and teared up just a little when we saw each other. We had an awesome volunteer who came to help out at HFC.

Swim lessons. Why oh why did I think I could manage swim lessons that begin all the way across town at 4:10pm? Every day for two solid weeks?!? There is the mad rush to leave work early and get to Maggie. Then, the rush to make it to lessons and get her lathered in sunscreen before lessons begin. Oh, and then the watching as my child CRIES through her lessons because she doesn't want to go underwater (even though she's REALLY good at her lessons, doing the best in her class). Add to this the relentless heat at that time in the afternoon and I'm just not enjoying swim lessons.

Andrew flew to Houston late Monday afternoon to help our new staff member, Mimi, get her home office all set up. He's such a great volunteer for Heroes for Children. So, it was Maggie and I on our own. We had a great night. We played, danced, shared a huge sundae and then curled in my bed to watch Annie (she loves that it was my favorite movie as a child).

Tuesday--During the summer, I let the staff work from home either on Monday or Tuesday of each week. I started this last summer when gas prices were through the roof. I work from home on Tuesdays. However, I think this might be the last Tuesday I do this. Being this pregnant and this queasy, it's too easy for me to lay down and feel like crap. I need to be at the office from now on.

Rush to swim lessons. Watch her cry. And cry. Swim and then cry some more.

It was then off to take dinner to Tracey's family. When I sign up for a rotation in meal delivery, I don't cook. I pick up Pei Wei instead. So, with Maggie and Pei Wei, we were off. Andrew picked up Rich from the DART station and then we all visited and ate together.

Deanna's best friend Debbie is in town this week and she really wanted us all to meet her. I know how great best friends named Debbie are, so definitely had to go meet her. Andrew and I brought Maggie over to play with her sweet friend Maddy (and dance like crazy girls!) to have a quick visit. Debbie was very sweet. I love seeing how happy Deanna is with her! While there, Andrew hooked her up with some computer help and fixing her dishwasher, so it was definitely a good visit! We left with a very tired and overly cranky little girl, but we were very content.

TODAY--It's not out of the ordinary for me to have a lunch meeting three or four days out of five (you should hear Andrew's grumblings about how much this costs us but I look at it as my contribution). Today, it was a lunch with my sweet friend and HFC board member Katie. She had just done an ordering session with Jen at Sugar Photography, so we spent some time talking of her extreme talent. Of course, we talked about the board, babies, our husbands, the HFC golf tourney, and HFC on Facebook too. I love that the people I see for HFC are people I love and respect so much. Makes my job so much more enjoyable.

Back to swim lessons this afternoon. Maggie cried the first twenty minutes and then was ok the last ten minutes. As a treat, the two of us went to Braums and got some ice cream. I let her sit in the front seat of the car and we ate our ice cream in the parking lot giggling like schoolgirls together.

I promised Maggie yesterday that I would show her how I go under water (the part that she hates most). Since I am completely disgusted by public pools, we went to my mom's house to swim. Andrew met us there and we spent time as a family swimming all together. She let us put her under water three times and didn't cry. Progress!

I'm now sitting and listening to her cry because we took away a toy (her consequence for coming out of her room again) and hoping she goes to bed soon.

The rest of the week looks something like this:

Thursday--Volunteer coming back to help. Conference call. Lunch meeting with The Living Through Faith Foundation, a new foundation that recently held a golf tournament naming HFC one of two beneficiaries.

Swim lessons (pleaseonplease let her not cry!!) at 4:10.

Dance class at 6:05. She loves her new tap shoes!

I'm anticipating the meltdown will be at 7.

Friday--Flight to Houston at 7am. Danielle and I will have to meet around 5:40 to head to the airport. We have two big meetings and a visit with Mimi.

Back home and quickly change to head to FW for a 60th birthday party of one of our favorite family friends, Bob Albritton. We were married in Bob's backyard. He spoke at Allie's graveside service. He and his wife have known Andrew since he was three years old. This is a can't miss event. Rush home afterwards to clean the house.

Saturday--I'm glutton for punishment. Hosting a baby shower for Andrew's best friend John's wife, Jaymee. Andrew and John have been best friends since the ninth grade. He's like my brother. We call him Uncle John in our house. I will never forget John's birthday--it's September 13th. He spent his birthday in 2004 at the hospital with us, not leaving our side until after she passed away. John and Jaymee are expecting their first baby, a little boy to be named Jack. So, a baby shower it is! 11am baby shower.

Andrew and John are going out on his boat at the lake and then we'll probably be having dinner with them that night.

Sunday--I promised my goddaughter, H, that I would take her to do something special for her 10th birthday, just me and her. Sunday is the day. Her suggestion was to go to Six Flags. Not a chance, sweetheart. Aunt Jenny does not do the heat very well, especially when pregnant. Not a pretty sight. Not sure what we'll do, but I'm looking forward to spending some time with just her. I still can't believe she's 10! I remember changing her first diaper the day that sweet little girl was born.

So, it's busy but it's filled with family and friends and some of the most important people in my life. I'm content. Oh, and did I mention exhausted?!?


Anonymous said...

wow Jenny you have a busy week!!! congrats on the pregnancy I cant wait to follow you through this one too i have been reading your blog since cb i have cried many tears with you and laughed too. my husband comes home for RNR in Aug and we will be trying for baby #4 have a good week and God Bless

HollyH said...

OMG.....i need a nap after reading that! Hope everything goes off without a hitch! :)

One crazed mommy said...

This is what you call a "memory making week" - sounds exhausting, but all in all things that will bring back wonderful memories: Swim lessons (something to look back and laugh at down the road), milestone birthday party, baby shower, the excitement of moving a new friend to town, among others...yeah - lots of great memories. :)

One crazed mommy said...

I meant moving an old friend to

Peggy said...

Jenny -- Coming out of Lurkerville to say I sooo feel your pain on the swim lesson front. My 3 year old (a few months older than Maggie) is the same. First 2 week session, she cried through the first 2 lessons. It was awful. She's usually a really happy kid and neither of her older sisters had done this. I was practically in tears by the end of the second one. At one point she even wailed, "I want Daddy." My heart broke.

Then she had a miraculous change of heart and did ok (read: did not cry) for the rest of the two week session. New session started, new teacher, new tears. It's awful, I know. And the strange part is that she is doing great at the actual swimming.

Hang in there!

Shannon said...

Annie was my favorite movie as a girl. I think I need to get that DVD to share it with my Abagail. Your weeks/days/hours are crazy, you are such a dedicated woman...Thank You!

Adrianne said...

What an adventure! Cole has cried at swimming lessons the first 3 days for the last 2 years and this is the 1 year with no tears. He is 4! Glad to see you are keeping busy and are making a ton of memories!! What would us mommies do if we had time to sit down a breathe???

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious! What a week. Hopefully you got everything done and had a little time to catch your breathe!

Natalie W said...

Hey Jenny, I follow you on Twitter, but I finally realized that you can't read any of my tweets. LOL! I have been trying to ask who you use as a swim instructor. I am in Richardson/Plano/Allen area and looking for a good one for my girl. If you want, my e-mail is or I am MomRnBartender on Twitter.