Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Schedule

Between work and home, we're very busy this summer. We have a new staff member beginning in two days (yeah, Mimi!). That will require some additional travel for me to help make introductions for Mimi. I will be in Houston Thursday and Friday this week for a jammed packed schedule of nonstop meetings. Mimi will be up here in the Dallas office for all of next week with a full training schedule. I go back for a day the last week of June and at least two or three times in July.

Maggie loved dance classes at her school last year. To test the waters, we signed her up for a dance class for four weeks this summer at a dance studio. Lessons are at 6:05pm on Thursday nights. This will be a test for us to see if we can handle evening classes once a week during the busy Fall/Spring work seasons for us. I know how much she loves it so we're going to try our best to make it work. We have two weeks of swim lessons that begin at 4pm (latest I could get, but that is NOT going to be an easy task for me!) every day. She's very excited to learn to swim, even though she is convinced that it's "Aunt Bobby" who will be teaching her since she is now a swim instructor.

Maggie and I are going with my co-worker Danielle and her two kids to see the Wizard of Oz at Music Hall this Saturday. We are so excited! Tonight, there was a commercial for the show and she screeched, "That's what we're going to see!!" She and I both love going to the theater. It's something I love doing with my mom and a special thing I hope to be able to share with her. I love dressing up and going to a musical. I'm glad she likes it too. Mary Poppins is coming in the Fall and I'm hoping Andrew will let me fork over the money to go to that too (though I am doubting it right now after hearing his grumblings about Wizard of Oz).

July will be equally busy. Camp Discovery is only a month away and I am already getting so excited. The day after camp, we head to the lakehouse with friends for our second annual trip. August has a trip to visit his dad and stepmom and then we'll be settling back into a crazy work schedule for the busiest time of Heroes for Children's year (September--November).

So, that's us this summer. Nothing real crazy, but definitely keeping us busy. I have something on my calendar for every single day in June. Lunch meetings are at least three or more times a week (as in four this week alone). We're spending as much time in our backyard as possible in the evenings--between her new "wiggly frinkler (pronounced frinkle-er)" and her great new wooden swingset, our yard is perfect!


Devine Memories Photography said...

Have fun at the musical-Gabby and I will have to come with you guys to one sometime. She would love that!

Jen said...

My mom and I took my 3 girls to see Annie in Detroit last month, and then my husband and I took the girls to see Mary Poppins in Chicago (tickets were a gift from his brother, who lives there). We loved it! I'm with you, I'm a big fan of musicals (we're currently jamming to the Grease soundtrack) and it's such a fun thing to do with the kids. I would love to see the Wizard of Oz! Have a great time.

Sherry said...

WHAT?! It's time for camp again? Man...you just went!! Seriously, where does time go?

Lori said...

My Mom & I love going to the musicals, we would go to lunch then the matinee. Though I am having a hard time with the cost of Mary Poppins tickets too, they seem much higher this year. (currently unemployed). Going to camp is such a great reminder to appreciate all that one has, I used to be a counselor for a children's cancer camp thru Children's in Dallas. It is the most exciting and exhausting week...the best of times..enjoy it all