Sunday, June 20, 2010

A girl and her giraffe


HollyH said...


Amie said...

so perfect!

snekcip said...

Too cute!! OMW this child favors Allie!

. said...

Perfect picture!!

We are Three said...

adorable! You have another beautiful little girl

Amy said...


Erin Laughpaintcreate said...

Precious baby!

Dawn said...

I thought of you today when I got my American Baby magazine and stumbled upon an article where the little girl was holding a Sophie Giraffe!

Allie is still working her magic!

Angie said...

Jenny...I am going to put this information well as on your Heroes for Children blog. It is from a dear friend of mine whose co-worker is battling Cancer. I'm hoping you may have some connections for where to find help for this sweet family.

Hilton Stallings is in Houston and has received his 14th and final Phase 1 treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at MD Anderson Cancer Center. The purpose of these treatments is to send Hilton’s body back into remission so that he is able to move forward with the required Bone Marrow Transplant. Things have gone well up until they discovered that he has developed a bacterial infection.

Hilton is in need of white blood cells (WBCs) to fight off this infection. He needs 4 to 5 people to donate within the next few days and possibly (probably) more donations to follow. It is up to Hilton and his family / friends to recruit and organize donors. Donating will require travel to Houston and we need your help.

Platelet-prescreening is done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (713) 792-7777 at the following locations:

Holly Hall Donor Center – 2555
Mays Clinic (ACB) Blood Donor Center – 1220 Holcombe, Entrance 5, Floor 2, Elevator S
Bay Area Blood Donor Center - 18100 St. John Drive, 3rd floor, Across from NASA
Donors will be contacted by a transfusion medicine physician (TMP) or nurse to be informed of the results. Once qualified, you may elect to become granulocyte donors. If you are not qualified for any reason, a transfusion medicine physician (TMP) or nurse will speak with you. Once you are qualified, you remain qualified for 30 days. (After 25 days, if the patient still needs WBCs, you will be re-screened.)

Donors may donate every 48 hours.