Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Right before I got pregnant with Katie, I was feeling pretty good about where I was with my weight and my body. I was fitting in size 10 (!!) jeans. I could typically purchase a large shirt and wasn't having to go into Lane Bryant anymore.

Then I got pregnant. And sick. Vomiting so much and very little stayed down. I found that greasy food was best. So, for months, I ate like a drunk with a hangover. It was better than vomiting (which had the added bonus of peeing my pants too after having birthed two other babies). I still got sick on an almost daily basis almost into my eighth month, so if I could eat it, I did.

Now, I am getting closer to losing my baby weight. However, as any of us who have had babies know, my body is no where near what it was before. I'm *this* close to fitting into my favorite size 12 jeans again. I can zip them and wear with a billowy top over it. But it aint so pretty.

I've lost 36 lbs of my 42 gained. So close yet I feel so, so far away from my goal. So, I'm trying some different things.

I've been back on South Beach religiously for two weeks. I've cut carbs, sugar, and even caffeine this time around. I've lost over five lbs in the last week and a half.

Now comes the exercise.

If you know me, you know that I don't like exercise. I've never found something that I liked. So, when Debbie told me she was LOVING hot yoga?!? I laughed and said have at it. I knew it wasn't for me. 98 degrees while doing yoga for an hour? You've got to be out of your freaking mind.

Then she lost two dress sizes in three months. Didn't change her eating habits at all. Looks AMAZING. To say that is motivating and inspiring to see is a bit of an understatement to me.

So, finally, I agreed. And then begged to get out of it. Then, set the time to go. And backed out. Then, fearful of dry heaving in front of the class, I finally hauled my rear into the hot yoga studio last week. Not going to lie--thought I was suffocating for the first fifteen minutes. But I made it through. I survived.

Tonight, I finished my second class. My body was a little more prepared for the heat. This time during our time of meditation before class, I wasn't focused on staying alive. I was able to sit and reflect. Breathe. Set goals for myself and what I want for my weight loss.

I can't guarantee that I'll stick to it but I think I think yoga will be good for me in many ways. I'm going to give it a try. I hope it will help bring me strength, calm, peace, and energy.

Until next blog....Namaste


Debbie said...

So freaking excited that you are doing the whole yoga thing with me. Like I told you its the only exercise that I have actually enjoyed, even while cursing it all while doing it.;) You are already doing such a good job and you have just started your journey. Love you!

Amy said...

Excellent! Congrats! I'm looking forward to hearing more about this.

Keep on keepin' on....

Lori said...

I love yoga, just haven't been able to find a reasonable priced one in McKinney...I can't do the heat yoga, due to a health issue...but love the unheated versions!

BTW-My Hubby bought one of the Heroes bags at Medical City yesterday, they are too cute!

Anne said...

Hot yoga rocks! You hang in there, girl.

AWEnterprises said...

Namaste to you too, loved one! Just don't try P90X'll die...seriously. LOL

Annemarie said...


I started following your blog way back when Allie was sick. I don't remember to visit it as often anymore but stumbled upon it today. I am currently training for a marathon to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society & the start of my desire to do this was definently Allie --- long ago when I learned of her (maybe from Babycenter) I used to beg myself not to read your blog, it was so sad and I had just had my first (of 5!) babies & I was scared of what you were going through... I couldn't stop, though. You were so inspiring and real through it all. I am thrilled to see where life has taken you and your girls - all 3 of them - are beautiful. Thank you for your inspiration!

My Three Sons said...

Hey Jenny,

We were on the Dec birth board together and I've followed your blog for awhile. I was hoping you could contact me.

A friend recently had her 3 year old diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma. And while I know we are in SC and you are in TX, I'm sure hearing from another mom would be appreciated. He is her youngest and only boy.

Sheri McCune