Wednesday, December 15, 2010


After an hour of an half of holding "Sissy" (Katie) and passing her back and forth between me and Andrew while entertaining Maggie, we stepped up to see Santa as two strung out parents thinking of the wasted time and frustration. Then my girls sat on Santa's knees and it all melted away. I watched Maggie lovingly reach other and try to calm Sissy down. I saw Katie turn to Santa with a frantic scared look in her eyes and then turn to us for reassurance that all was alright. In that moment, all my silly frustration of the night was gone. My beautiful girls sat before me and I saw that my family was complete.

Katie's entrance into our lives as brought us to a point of wholeness. This year, we finally bought the ornament that says "The Scott Family" for our tree. All three of my girls have their "Baby's First Christmas" ornament hanging close to one another, and I know that I will not add another one of those. We miss and love our Allie so much and I wish that she was right there in the mix with her sisters. However, I know now that I am done. My family is complete. I'm so lucky to have three amazing daughters and could not ask for anything more special or wonderful then them and the husband I have.

I'll have to post the Santa picture here soon too. Sis still wasn't thrilled at the whole experience but she looks adorable. Maggie takes my breath away seeing what a big girl she has become.

I'm a lucky woman.


Angie said...

Jenny, you have a beautiful family, indeed. Thinking of you as Allie's birthday approaches tomorrow. Hope the day is full of fond memories, smiles and happy tears.

Kat said...

Happy birthday to sweet Allison tomorrow! Allie, you brought a whole lot of people, a whole lot of strangers, together. And you knit hearts together to work for a wonderful cause. What a legacy you have here on earth! Send your mommy and daddy some gentle breezes tomorrow so they can feel your love, and fill their hearts with joy and precious memories of their darling baby.

Jana said...

So wish you were celebrating Allie's birthday with her today. Thinking of you and Andrew and everyone who loved her. Have a Happy Birthday with Jesus, Allie!

Kimberly said...

Thinking of you today. Hugs as you celebrate Allie's birthday. She is celebrating in the Heavens and looking down at her beautiful family. YOU sound the strongest you have ever sounded on your blog. I'm happy to see the change in you and hope you continue to focus all your energy on the amazing life you have created for you and your family. I know you will always miss your little girl and long for the family you should have had with her. I also know you have turned a very sad life into a happy one. So proud of you!

Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

snekcip said...

Happy belated Birthday to Allie! Jenny indeed your family is complete and oh so loved by so many of us!

Anonymous said...

Jenny wanted with you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Yr..God Bless you all