Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear God, Never Let Us Move Again

Moving in five days. There are boxes stacked to the ceiling in the garage. We're excited, but DEAR GOD--it's a lot of work! We're bleeding money, I swear. Every time we think we have it all set, there is a new cost. Poor Andrew just texted "my stress level is through the f---ing roof!" This is my laid back, no stress man. For him to say that, he's STRESSED.

We are moving back to our hometown, very close to where Andrew grew up. Our daughter will begin Kindergarten next year at the same school her best friend will attend the year after. We will have a pool (so so excited about this) and a much bigger home. And hopefully, it will be the last time we moved for a very long time.

Will post more when the dust settles and the boxes are at least slightly unpacked.


Pamela said...

Moving sure does suck! But once you are settled and it feels like HOME, all of the stress will have been worth it. Good luck, hun!

. said...

I hate moving too... I hope it goes smoothly and you don't lose anything :P


Liz Elvir said...

in 2005 just 4 weeks after katrina, we moved back to new orleans, River Ridge to be exact....we moved back to where my husband and I grew up and actually back to the house my parents built when I was 1. (yes, I kindly asked my parents to get out!!) We were only in Dallas for 3 years, but when you think that you may never move back home....October 2005 was such a blessing to our family!

My kids all go to the same school that we went to, they are friends with the our friends kids and things are just great!

such a comfort to be home! congrats on the move!

Myshel said...

Yes moving is awful, but to have your girls grow up in the same town you both grew up in will be amazing.

Post pics soon, and a new sweet one of your girls would be nice too! I bet little Katie is getting so big, and seriously !! KINDERGARTEN??!! OH MY!

Beckest of the BECKS said...

UGH, anything and everything about moving is so hard! It makes to calmest most down to earth people basket cases! I hope it goes smooth and you all adjust well. Oh and remember, boxes don't ALL have to be unpacked right away :) We moved in April and we still have MANY boxes that are still untouched. :)

Thinking about you all!!!!

eve said...

Hi Jenny
I don't know you, but I came across allie's site actually because I was googling about a rash my 6 year old has and her picture was the first thing that came up.
Anyway I was so touched by your description of her becoming an angel, and I was glad to find your blog and discover you now have 2 more beautiful girls.
Bless you and your family. Allie is looking down and laughing along with you all as you hang out and play the family bed together, there with you in spirit!

Amy Lee said...

I feel your pain. We have moved 10 times in 12 years, 5 different states. Have endured 2 hurricanes and 3 tropical storms (Ivan and Katrina to name a couple.) I am OVER it. I told my husband the next time he gets transferred he's going by himself unless it happens to be back to New England, where we are both from. He's a Civil Engineer for one of the biggest construction companies in the country. When a job is done, it's on to the next one and rarely is it ever in the same place.

Anyway, I hope everything calmed down for you and went smoothly. I hope the girls settle quickly in the new home too. Good luck!