Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Way to Support Heroes for Children--Near or Far

Dear awesome blog supporters---

I have a favor.  You all know that Heroes for Children is my favorite charity.  You know that I believe that helping families with children battling cancer is vital to help them alleviate some of the stress and strain their are experiencing.  Now, I am reaching out to you for a favor. 

HFC is one of four charities participating in the Cadillac Cares Challenge until Monday, May 9th for a $50,000 media campaign.  This would allow us to spread the word of our mission and cause and how families need us.  This would make a HUGE difference.  It's become a horse race.  The top two charities are very neck and neck (currently a difference of only 16 votes with us currently in 1st place). 

PLEASE CONSIDER VOTING.  You have to Like the Metroplex Cadillac Page and then you can vote and LIKE Heroes for Children.  You can vote DAILY until Monday.

I truly appreciate your support!


Kristina said...

I don't think that is the right link? It took me to a page that did not have a LIKE button and I couldn't get to their image to find their page.

I did search for it though.

Then I liked them at the bottom of that... Then I went and saw the LIKES next to your names.

Super confusing, wow! But I did it! Hopefully :)

Jessie P. said...


jessesmom1972 said...

Done and will do again tomorrow, Sunday and monday! :)

::Karen:: said...

Cannot see your tweets anymore on twitter....not sure why. I would love to still be able to follow you. I'm not that good at twitter so it may be something on my end, not sure. I have been a follower of yours since Allie was first diagnosed. I have a friend whose daughter was recently delcared cancer free. I shared Allies's story with her which helped her get through that difficult time and also what you have done with HFC.

If there is a way to see your tweets again on twitter let me know.