Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Year with Boyfriend

Some days, it feels like I just wrote this blog post about being in a relationship. Except, I didn't.  It's been a year. WOW. 

Today,  Boyfriend and I celebrate our one year anniversary.  We decided October 4th, the date of our first date together, was officially our day.  Last night (I don't have kids on Wednesday nights), we went to dinner in downtown Ft. Worth and ate a decandent meal at the Reata.  We snuggled up at a jazz lounge and laughed and talked.

Some things I've learned dating the Boyfriend over the last year--

  • An ADD woman and a slightly anal retentive man can on occasion stress each other out.  Said neat freak man will sometimes feel overwhelmed in the chaos that surrounds the not so neat freak woman (ie--my car!)
  • Dating as two divorced people with kids is just plain TOUGH.  No easy way to say it.  There are schedules, kids activities, kids emotions and understanding (and often lack of understanding given that divorce is such a painful and difficult situation that adults often don't understand). However, so very worth it. 
  • Wednesday night date nights are THE BEST.  We love our date nights.  They aren't elaborate, usually just a dinner and relaxing on a patio somewhere or home early for a movie on the couch, but they are always special.  We make sure we place priority on having at least one night a week that is just for us.  In the chaos that is our schedule and our lives, we need this so much. 
  • No weekends together are exhausting.  We have lots of time apart.  This does mean that a weekend together is much anticipated and we make the most of our time.  Our next weekend is the third weekend of October.  Last night, we scoped out a restaurant we want to try in downtown Ft. Worth and have plans with our friends Nikki and Kevin to go to the fair (where we had our second date).  I can't wait!
  • Having the car door opened for you never gets old.  I had to adapt to this, especially with getting out of the car.  He is old fashioned in that he likes to come around and open the door for me to get out.  In the beginning, I would remember once every four or five times to sit and wait instead of opening it myself. Now, he says he has me trained for it (though I'm going to let myself out at the grocery store or Walmart--that's just plain silly). 
  • Walking into the room and having someone stop and notice you is intoxicating.  Boyfriend makes me feel so beautiful, even when I have no makeup on and I'm in yoga pants.  He reminds me constantly that he is attracted to me and that he feels lucky to be with me.  Last night, I dressed fancier than our usual jeans and a top Wednesday night date.  I did my hair and wore a short black dress with high heels.  When I walked out ready to go, he stopped and gushed.  All night he would look at me, smile, and mutter "gorgeous." That feeling?  Indescribable. 
  • Communication is KEY!  With as much time away as we have, talking or texting is essential.  We share everything and we don't feel afraid to share feelings. 
  • We both have our baggage that we've brought with us from our past.  The older you get, the more baggage you collect along the way.  We work through things together and share when something is affecting us.  We've worked through the big things.  We went through the first year post divorce and all the emotions that came along with it, especially for me.  I can't tell you how many times I have cried on his shoulder for something and how many times he held me through it. 
Most importantly, after a year with my  I've learned that my life is better because he is in it. 

Love you, babe!


PapillionMom said...

So so so glad you found Military Man. You are just a totally different blogger, I'm sure you're a different woman and mother and friend.

You are happy.

Congratulations on a year :-)

Lyndsay said...

Love it.

Sasha said...

Congratulations! He sounds WONDERFUL!

BLT2GO said...

Great post! So glad you found each other!

Jeanne Caputo said...

So happy for you!! Thrilled that things are looking up for you!!

One crazed mommy said...

Love this post - so happy for you! Glad you have found a good man! :)

Sharon C said...

So very very happy to read this post Jenny! You deserve all the happiness life has to give!

Ness said...

SO happy for you Jenny. I feel the same way about my 2nd husband. Communication IS key. He lived in Buffalo and I in Southern Illinois and we worked out our relationship, shared our views on things, etc. on many, many emails. I knew him heart and soul before I even saw him. We met 20 years ago for the first time after 6 weeks of emails and was married 17 years on September 2. It took me one marriage to get it right and 17 years to stand up and decide that my children and I deserved a better life and it's the best thing I ever did besides my kids and becoming your friend. My husband is retired Air Force and my son is now 27 and almost a Captain in the Army/National Guard at Ft. Lee, VA

Carry on. Again, SO happy for you!