Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Resolutions

I've thought a lot about resolutions for this new year. Will I make them?  Will I keep them?  What did I do last year?  I kept most of them from last year--more cooking for my family (I cook now!), less cussing (this was tough but I do not cuss very often anymore), put my marriage first, and connecting better with friendships I wanted to strengthen.  I failed completely at others--learning to run and do a 5K (that was a huge fail) and putting down the cell phone before bed.

So, where does that leave me?  In the end, I'm an optimist.  I love the idea of a blank slate and a chance to try something and challenge myself.  I love setting goals and strive to do better each  year. So, here I am, typing out my resolutions for 2015 when I really should be going to bed right now because I go back to work tomorrow.  I decided to break my resolutions into categories.  Here we go...

As a mother
  • More date nights with individual children.  I love our special time, and last year , I did not complete my monthly date nights with the girls.  The children noticed and have been asking to get back into our routine of individual time.  Katie and I had a date last Friday night.  We saw Penguins of Madagascar then went to "gas station McDonalds" per her request.  Maggie and I will hopefully have a date next week to see Annie 2014 (again!).  I had a date just me and 12 over the break, and hopefully will do the same with (soon to be!) 17 soon. 
  • More time reading together.  I love reading with my children.  Love to make the voices and snuggle up as we read.  With crazy schedules, homework, activities, and other things going on, sometimes the book reading feels rushed.  Sometimes I don't get to it with Maggie because I know she read during her after school time. 
As a wife
  • Get my cell phone out of the bedroom at night!  Oh, this is a bad one for me.  I talked to Rob about it tonight.  Recently, we heard someone speak about the destruction cell phones can have on a marriage.  Honestly, I believe it.  I've become accustomed to using my cell as a way to fiddle and relax before bed.  What if I was using that time to visit with my husband, read a book, or actually GO TO BED at a decent time.  Our church is starting their annual 21 day fast.  They encourage people to choose their path of fasting.  I have decided to give up sugar, soda, and the use of the cell phone after 7pm.  I am going to lock it in the cabinet in the kitchen.  I am hoping it will help me create the habit. 
  • Get away just the two of us.  This one really needs to happen.  I love my time with this man so much.  It doesn't need to be a long or extravagant vacation.  At least one or two little getaways for a weekend would be lovely for us. 

As a teacher
  • Lesson plan a minimum of one to two weeks out at all times.  Maybe this one will only resonate with my fellow teachers out there.  How often do I walk in to the building thinking "ok, what am I teaching today?"  Too often.  Granted, I have a general idea, but often I'm still pulling it together during my morning conference period.  When I am one to two weeks planned out, I'm more focused, calmer, and able to stay on top of my grading more efficiently.  All this equals LESS STRESS.  Yeah, that sounds like what I want. 
As an individual
  • Stop and simply relax sometimes.  I am go, go, go most of the time.  Over the past week, I stopped and relaxed a lot.  It felt like a decadence.  I still had time to get the house cleaned, connect with people, and run some errands.  Not every minute was scheduled.  It was NICE.  I need to make sure I am making an effort to SLOW DOWN sometimes.   I need to take some time for me.  Get a pedicure from time to time.  Read a book for pleasure while relaxing at night.  Go for a bike ride.  I need it  I don't do it nearly often enough.  I mean, I'm a mom of a busy blended family of four busy girls.  When is there time for me?  Maybe I can find that a little more. 
  • Blog more often.  I didn't blog much in 2014, mainly due to feeling like I couldn't.  I removed at least three posts last year, either before or after posting them.  I even got in a fight over one post and had to have a long discussion with someone after another.  I want to continue to have my voice on this blog, but do it in the right manner.  I want to write more frequently because for some odd reason, many of you are still reading.  People are still daily coming to this blog and I am not writing.  That needs to end.  I love this blog.  Journaling is very therapeutic for me and has been for the past ten years. 


Stacy said...

Great goals, Jenny! I have the same horrible habit with my phone. Like now! Lol! Gotta put it down. Happy to hear you'll be blogging more. I think of you and the girls often, and frequently stop by to see if you've checked in.

One crazed mommy said...

Oh Jenny - I feel you on the cell phone...I feel like half the time my kids or hubby speak to me I have my heady stuck in my phone. I think about it later and feel bad, but find myself doing it each night...needs to stop! My kiddos are growing up so fast and that is not something I want to miss due to a stupid phone text/game. Luckily we make it a priority to have family game nights, so we have no devices close by during that time - and they are not allowed at the dinner table.

Jenny said...

I agree with not at the dinner table! I want them up. I get frustrated when we use them at restaurants so want to get better. I used to be good about leaving it at home on date nights. Need to get back in that habit

Lettie said...

Sending a Happy New Year to you and prayers for a peaceful year too.

Lettie :)

Tracy said...

so glad to hear that you plan to blog more this year. I am one of the many that have been here since the beginning and still check in on a regular basis :)

Lyndsay W said...

For Lent last year I gave up my cell phone once I was home from work. I checked it once before bed (texts and emails only) to make sure nothing urgent came in and then it was shut off again for the night.

And I didn't miss a thing.

Thanks for the reminder - I think it's time again for me to detox a bit from the phone.

Happy 2015!

snekcip said...

I agree with the cellph saga. It can be very addictive and putting it away after a certain time is an excellent idea!! Happy New Year to your beautiful family Jenny!! Still here.....still reading

KirstyB said...

I'm glad to see you posting again! I have missed your voice on this blog!!

timi68 said...

"for some odd reason you are still reading" yes, yes and yes! I've been with you Jenny since the beginning of Allie's illness and you have thousands and thousands of followers back then and I'm sure you stil do now. I still have bookmarked on my computer, even though it's been removed. I used to go back and read your beautiful words and I would just cry at your grace and class. You draw people to you and you always will with your words. I know life isn't the same for you as it was then, but I, for one, will be around for as long as I can. My youngest was born 3 months after Allie and I always think of you and what it would've been like for you having an 11 yr old blue eyed chunky monkey, raspberry blowing beauty. I still have Sophie on my daughter's nightstand because of you!! Oh well, I can go on FOREVER, but I'm just glad that you've decided to stick around! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xoxoxooxo

Katherine said...

It's wonderful to see you blogging again. At the end of the day, I wanted a happy ending for you and your family. Your posts have helped me through our own losses. Thanks for sharing your beautiful writing. Happy new year to you and your family.

crazydaisy said...

Been reading since the beginning love checking in and seeing how you guys are doing. Great resolutions the cell phone one I could never do I'm a self admitted phone addict ! Happy new year :)