Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Working Girl

Maggie is learning to earn her keep--she went to work with Mama today! I found myself without childcare this morning and rushing for a 10am meeting. My solution--bring the toddler!! Luckily, the meeting was scheduled at a very professional location-Starbucks! One of the volunteers I was meeting with two arrived with three kids in tow, so I didn't feel as bad. I bought Maggie a donut and gave her toys in the stroller before settling in to discuss Hold'Em for Heroes, the new event coming in November for Heroes for Children.

Up next was a lunch with our soon to be new employee (can I get a big AMEN for getting some help in the HFC office!!! WOOHOO!). Maggie, Larissa, Christi and I went to California Pizza Kitchen to visit and discuss our fall schedule. What a sweet love she was! Perfectly content to play with "Baby" and eat her pizza.

Now, here's the kicker. She worked at the office for more than three and a half hours! When we arrived at the office parking lot, I found her crashed in the backseat. Now, Maggie is not that easy sleeper that some people have who can transfer easily from the car to another location. Nine times out of ten, she wakes up with a fury and isn't a happy woman. This time, perfect. It was as if she just knew Mom had to get some work done. She slept for more than thirty minutes (normally more like two hours, but I took what I could get).

Once up, that child was AWESOME! I closed off the door that connects the new wing of the office (we expanded two weeks ago and I'm in office HEAVEN!!), giving her access to the board room and my office only. Did she whine? Not much. Played with all the animals I loaded her up with before leaving our house, colored with the Color Wonder markers (LOVE those!!), and spread chips all around the office floor. That is what a night cleaning crew is for, right? Sure they are going to love me tonight!

After a day of the best child behavior in a work place ever (have I mentioned that this child is only 20 months?? LOVE HER!!), I decided it was a night for a special treat. We picked up Deb and the kids and met up with Larissa and Luke at the Wiggles Playcenter. Sadly, they were going to close and none of us had socks. So, Deb and I left to go with the kids to Peter Piper Pizza--we had a blast!!

Nothing like a hard day's work.

My kid rocks.


Elle said...

Hi Jenny. I have been following your other site for years. I applaude you for making the move to blogland. It's a great way to meet other mom's and generally vent about day to day stuff.

Maggie is adorable as always!


Tracy said...

Hi Jenny,

First, thank you for visiting my blog and signing. I am so glad that you still have some cards. I also have some left that I can't part with.

It sounds like Maggie was on her best, best, best behavior. I had to bring my children to school yesterday with me (I am trying to figure out what is in my room. I just got a kindergarten position at my hometown school.) I was so proud of them. I thought it might be a tough day, but it wasn't.

I think you stacked the cards in your favor by bringing stuff you know Maggie likes to play with. You also gave her enough room to play and not feel confined!! Enjoy her...she is such a cutie!!

LaDeeda Photography said...

Hey Jenny! So excited that you have a blogspot now. I'll be checking it regularly! Take care!


Lisa said...

What a good little girl you have. Thanks for sharing your adorable daugheter : ). Lisa

Rich said...

See Jenny, this is how they lure you in. Children have PhDs in human behavior. They know how to push your buttons. They are angels for you when you bring them to work, and make you think that you can handle it.

Then you go and bring them to work again, because they're angels and you can handle it. Right? Except that they cry the whole time, because they want milk and the kitchen's on the other side of the building. And they want to play video games, but you need to use your computer. And you set them down with markers and huge pieces of paper, and look up to after what seems like mere seconds to find that they have drawn all over the walls....

Um....not that any of this has happened to me.


Dandelion Momma-Janis said...

It is great that Maggie is like that. My youngest, Abbie, is much like that. She even sits through church without much noise (she is three). Maggie is so cute in her little swimsuit and curls. Just darling!

Monica said...

I think the new blog is a great idea! I look forward to reading it. :)

Mixed Up Me said...

What a great girl you have. Can she come give my 10 year old lessons on how to behave??!! :)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

aww!! Aiden says he wants to come to work with you too!! muhahahaha!

Maggie is such a sweetheart! Can't wait to meet her!

Life of the Leatherberry's said...

Awww...Maggie is so cute!!! What a great helper she is for mommy!! And congrats on making the office bigger! That is awesome!!!

Melissa said...

Can she come teach my kids???