Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Witch and the Super hero

Maggie has two different choices for Halloween costumes--the witch and Supergirl. In an attempt to get a picture that would work for the invitation Megan is designing for us, we dressed in her costumes and gave it a whirl. Jen Weintraub, I am not. Not the most successful attempt. Looks like I will be heading out for another try.

Every Super Hero needs a side kick! Notice the look of torture on poor Brandy ("BeeBee")

Her new mode of transportation

Giving Bee Bee a little love for a job well done

Being like a doggie

Stopping for a snack--side kick waiting for a little kick back

Getting to go off and save the world--one sticker at a time (if only you could see me right now--I'm covered in stickers and she won't let me take them off!!)

A reluctant witch. She was living up to the name during this photo time!
Looking good

Pretty Witch

No more hair tie!! Like the hair?

There's the money shot


CarlaMom2AnS said...

Awww, my oldest daughter was that witch several years ago - she got tons of compliments :) Maggie looks adorable, as usual!

aiden's mama said...
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aiden's mama said...

Oh my goodness, she is such a doll!

Anonymous said...

ohhh!! She is just so adorable!!!! Love both customes!!! Aiden is reading with me clapping, lol he likes the Supergirl and her sidekick! Hope you had a great weekend!!!!

royallyamess said...

Maggie is a doll. I am loving the witch costume!

Pink Lady said...

Such a cutie! And God bless Brandy! What a sweetheart!

The Nanny said...

She is the CUTEST thing. IMO, in the 8th pic down (captioned "looking good") she looks a bit like pics I've seen of Allie. Thanks for sharing pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! She looks more like Andrew every day - I think she shares my Sam's status of being an immaculate conception. :)

Can't wait to see you!

nodnarB! said...

If Bee-bee gets tired we have one over here she can ride!!!

justmommy said...

These are hilarious! Love them both, but she is pretty super supergirl!!

EquineSpirit said...

OMGosh! She's sooo cute! It seems like only yesterday she was born! I was a long time reader until my last computer decided it had enough of me and went phhhhhttttttt! I lost all my favorites and couldn't remember them all. A year later I'm still remembering the sites I used to look up...LOL! And why yours finally popped into my head today I don't know but I finally remembered it! I've only read the last couple recent posts on this blog but what I've read I'm glad things sound like they are going well with you guys! ((HUGS!!)) and I look forward to reading future entries!