Monday, October 1, 2007

If only it was the dog's picture I needed

Attempt #2 on the photo session still was a little more successful tonight. We at least got this one that actually included a smile!

I still don't know if I have the right picture for the invitation (driving me nuts!!). If only it was the dog's birthday party, I'd be done already....

Maggie was NOT happy when she turned to see her pumpkin turning into the dog's chew toy! She ran yelling, "NO, NO BEE BEE!!" and chanted that the rest of the photo session outside. Poor dog just wanted a snack. And really, could my sweet girl be any cuter? What a good puppy! If only I could tell you properly just what a good dog she really is. Such a sweet love she is.


Dana said...

Maggie is so incredibly cute! So is Brandy. I love little ones in Halloween costumes, and dogs enjoying some halloween fun!

Sugar Photography said...


just bring that poor child here with her costume...I can't stand the pain of watching you struggle anymore!


Monique said...

It's delurking day around the blogosphere, so I am officially delurking to say hello. :) You will prbably not remember me, but I have been keeping up with your family since the days of Friends of Allie, we were on the same December Babies babycenter board and I still make every day an "Allie day". She taught me so much, you all did.
Maggie is beautiful, and I'm glad that Heroes for Children is doing so well! :)

Adrianne said...

Wow look at how big Maggie has gotten! She is precious! I loved all the pics!!