Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Loving

  • I noticed some higher traffic to this blog in the last few days. Could it be your looking for more news on our sweet, gorgeous new arrival? Well, I promise there will be more details on the adoption blog, but Baby Girl did make her arrival yesterday morning. The placement (releasing Baby Girl to Jen) is set for tomorrow. We're all an anxious, excited, crazy bawl of nervous and emotion. That's just us friends. Doesn't even begin to say what all Jen is! All of us have fallen in love with Baby Girl (yes, she has a name, but it won't be announced until AFTER she is home). Welcome to the world, Baby Girl!!

  • MY BABY is not a baby anymore, that's for sure. She turns THREE in less than two weeks! Can you believe it? Wasn't she just born? We have a big birthday celebration in the works. Found the coolest party company called Simply Pretend--we're having a Knights and Princesses dress up party. We even have a special guest appearance by none other than BELLE (Annie--you're the best--thank you, thank you, thank you!)!! Maggie is beyond thriled at having one of her favorite princesses come to her party. If you ask her though, she will let you know that Cinderella isn't coming because she will be busy in her castle with the mice. Just Belle. She must clarify, you know.

  • Speaking of babies getting bigger, Larissa's little girl Lilly is now one! Luke turned three a few weeks ago, and sweet Lilly is now one. Time is flying. Larissa entered her in the Most Kissable Baby contest over at Kiss FM's site. Check her out (Lilly Linton) and give her a vote! Winner wins $5,000, which Larissa would love to get and donate a portion to her favorite charity (HFC of course!)

  • Oh, look at all those adorable babies on that website!! Aren't babies the cutest things? I love infants, I really do. OK, this website is doing nothing for my baby fever. Nor will be going to love on Baby Girl this week but that isn't going to stop me!

  • My other baby is sadly missed these days and every day. Tonight, I was cleaning out Maggie's room and putting stuffed animals away. We have an excess of stuffed animals and she doesn't need them all. I bagged up those that were now a little too babyish. While going through it, I stumbled across Allie's "Chemo Bear." I just sat and stared at that bear and hugged it tight. Oh, how I wish I was cleaning out Allie's room too and going through the toys she was no longer playing with because she's moved on to new things. Maggie's teacher brought home her art from the last month or so. See the post below for my favorite thing that came home. How wonderful is it that Maggie has a teacher that considerate to remember my Allie? How great that Maggie reminded her of it too!


Mom of Two said...

Yes, you busted us, we are checking back and back and back to see if there are more details about the new addition. Baby Girl is famous already. Love, love love Maggies's family tree. That is something I just might get creative and do myself with my kids because no matter how old you can never have too many handprints.

Melissa said...

Yes you busted me also I have been back and back and back just checking. I am really excited for her entire family and it is such a blessing to read how wonderful her relationship is with J.


Heather said...

I too have been lurking. Guilty as charged! I can't wait to hear her name.

Anissa Mayhew said...

I know we've never met, but I was a concert this weekend and the lead singer of Sister Hazel lost his brother as a child. Their mom got up and spoke about their cancer battle, their loss and I thought of you and Allie and your beautiful family. I pray that the days bring joy and healing in her memories.