Friday, October 31, 2008

The festivities

Halloween party, school party, Fall Festival, Birthday (including Six Flags trip along with what seemed like every youth group in North Texas), Birthday Party--Phew!! We're exhausted!

Tomorrow is the big birthday party for our little princess. The dress up trunk was picked up today with 30 princess dresses, six knights costumes (for those little men coming), and all the necessary accessories. Maggie has been having a great time shuffling through it all, digging into the trunk and declaring them all hers.

I have made a big deal about birthdays for Maggie. I believe in making my child's birthday a celebration. We lost that with Allie. We didn't get the opportunity to celebrate our sweet girl's life each year. So, I'm going to celebrate my Maggie. I'm going to celebrate that I've had another terrific year to be her mother. Another year to watch her develop into this girl of sass and sweetness, all balled into one. So, it might be just another birthday party for our friends to attend during their busy weekend and holiday season. I know that. But for me? For us? It's more than just another birthday party. It's the celebration of our girl's year and the anticipation of the next year of happiness with our princess.

Tomorrow officially begins my thirty days of blogging, though with today and yesterday, looks like I'm shooting for thirty-two days.

Let's end with some pictures of our fun times!

Maggie and her AWEOME teacher Miss Brandi. We love Miss Brandi and so does Maggie!

This was last Friday at their school party

Maggie and her best classmate, sweet Abbey. I love this picture

Trick or treating at the nursing home last Friday

Pretty Maggarella

Checking out the princess dresses tonight

The trunk

A princess' dream

The backdrop for pictures. Maggie calls it her castle!

Tinkerbelle ready to go trick or treating with just me. Girls Only!

All ready to trick or treat


Graycesmomma said...

She gets cuter by the minute I swear! My little one just turned 5 on the 30th, and I must agree with you that birthdays are a day to celebrate BIG! I always say that it is her day and that she gets whatever she wants...her dad says that is everyday but...:0)

Happy Birthday Maggie! I hope you have a wonderful party!

Melissa Spence said...

What adorable pics of Maggie in her costumes. Hope she had fun trick or treating, our kids had a blast!

Mom on the Run said...

I love your description of why you want to celebrate Maggie's birthday--it is an important day in both of your lives. Maggie sounds like a character.

The princess phase is a wonderful time. My girls are 10 and 12. When the youngest was about 7 or 8, I began to notice that she played less and less with princesses and more and more with the much-detested Bratz and High School Musical dolls. I miss the tiaras, dressup shoes, floaty dresses, etc. Enjoy this phase!