Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Thursday Thoughts

  • We're skipping swim lessons today. It's our last class and we're skipping. Why? Because I CAN'T SING IF YOU'RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT ONE MORE TIME. My goodness, I hate that song, especially when the lyrics are changed to "If you're happy and you know it, splash your hands." Instead of the stressful leave early from work, pick up, drive to lessons, splash around with babies (she's the oldest in the class and it's geared to 15 month olds), and rush home game that we've been playing for two weeks now, we're opting to go to our neighborhood pool and swim for a while instead. Without "floaties," I might add.
  • My great friend, Dana Eisenberg (you might remember her, you know--Sam and Ethan's mom, cancer survivor, awesome supporter of Allie and HFC, yeah, that one) just launched the website to her new company, Haute Happenings. Check her out and consider her if you need party planning help in Dallas.
  • Like Dana's logo? Yeah, that would be the talent of Megan. Check out her blog and her recent designs. Considering that quite a few of them are for me and HFC, I got to tell you, I'm a big fan.
  • 5K Registration is officiallly OPEN!! You can register to be a participant and choose to be a fundraiser. We will have incentive prizes for fundraisers (can't announce because they're in the works). I know you'll be there.
  • Deb, Brandon and the kiddos are moving into their new big house this weekend. Who needs movers when you have the Scotts? We're ready to pitch in! Plus, I get to hold the cuteness that is Ella and Beck--oh, those little ones melt my heart!
  • Maggie and I are cutting out of town for a few days next week for some more fun time with the cousins in Oklahoma. We can't wait. Plus, Aunt Amie, or Aunt "Mamie" as we call her, is a fantastic cook! Good eating for three days!! I get back and then immediately head to Houston for a quick business trip, all day staff meeting on Friday, and then one day of rest before heading out again for the lakehouse. Phew--I'll be tired by the time we hit the lakehouse. Might need a drink. Or two.
  • I still haven't seen Sex and the City. I haven't been out for a girls night since early May, and all my friends have seen it. That leaves me with the option of going with my husband to see it or waiting for when it is released to Blockbuster. I choose the couch and DVD.
  • Just booked my flight to San Antonio for Camp Discovery. Crap, that means it's really close and I have to finalize my Arts & Crafts order. Like means that if I don't do that soon, we won't have paint supplies. Hmm....wonder what I'll be doing tonight after Maggie goes to bed?
  • My brother's dog killed a possum last night. He has been given a booster of antibiotics and has to be monitored for 45 days per the vet. Good thing Bee is going to my mom's house when we go to the lakehouse.
  • Speaking of Bee, our Brandy is doing great. She stinks that's for sure. According to Maggie, "like poop."
  • Daddy smells like "burps." Lucky Mama, I smell "like a flower!" Yes, that's my girl. And yes, she came up with that all on her own.
  • I never did make a Father's Day post. Well, we all know he's awesome. He's the best daddy I could ever ask for my children and he has captured the hearts of his daughters. Any man that tries to get Maggie's heart later will have to work hard. She has standards, and they're high. He's the best daddy I know!
  • I just finished the sixth Harry Potter book on audio. Andrew and I have both been listening to all the books in our cars (he downloaded them on our iPods). It's taken me since January to listen to the first six books! Of course, I've already read them at least two to three times each book too. He is going to download the seventh soon for me to listen too, and we're both very excited for the next installment to come to film! Then, I'll have to figure out my next audio book series to listen to. I really like it. For a while there, I was listening to episodes of the Office. Even though you can't see it, listening about Micheal grilling his foot on the George Forman grill is still freaking hilarious.
  • Andrew just called to say he has the little one at home. Time to go swimming.


Anonymous said...

Burst out laughing at the "without floaties" and read it to Rich. Love that!!

And I already have September 13th circled on the calendar, and already told the religious ed director at church that we cannot have our retreat that weekend because I'm going up to Dallas (did I tell you I got roped into leading the coming of age program? Because, you know, I don't have enough to do). Haven't registered yet but I'll do it soon. And you know I'll be fundraising!!

Hmmm...I wonder if there's a movie theater anywhere near the lakehouse? We could sneak out to a late showing and leave the men with the children?

Lyndsay said...

Hi Jenny,
Totally unrelated to anything…. Since I read your blog all the time and I’m a total newbie - I have a question for you (or anyone else reading!) about blog etiquette. If I want to link to someone elses blog (either in a blog roll or in the text of my post) should I first contact that blogger for their permission, or is any public blog just open for me to be linking to?
Thanks for your help. Have a great weekend with your beautiful family!!

Saint Richard said...

Downloading maps of the 5k area right now, so Chuck and I don't get lost...I mean go on an adventure like last time.

Life ticks on said...

I dont know about your likes and dislikes but Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is a good book. Its the first in a series too. The fourth book comes out August 2nd.