Saturday, June 28, 2008

Twinado playdate with the swimsuit princess


Carolein said...

So cute! Maggie is simply ADORABLE!!! I just visited the site and realized that you've had this new blog for a year now! That sure went fast!

I'm dying to know how you made out with getting Wiggles tickets! The ones for our area go on sale on Monday, but my sister won us 4 front row seat tickets on a radio show luckily I'm down to only having to buy 2 tickets now (for my PARENTS who are dying to see them in concert too, courtesy of my son making them watch the Wiggles all the time!).

Hope you guys have a great time at the show, whenever they get to the Dallas area!!!


Carolein and family

Jenny said...

Carolein--I was ready at 9:58 ready to purchase tickets as soon as they went on sale. I was purchasing for quite a few people (Maggie's playdate friends and their moms) so I ended up having to split up our seats. I'm not totally satisfied with the seats we got (front section but far right), but I'll take them! I know we're going to ahve a blast there. She will be a dancing fool!

Anonymous said...

Jenny we had so much fun, thanks so much for having us! It's always so great catching up with you and seeing your beautiful dancing princess in action! Talk to you later! :)

Adrianne said...

Looks like the 3 of them had a blast! Wish we lived closer... I know my boys would love playing with Maggie and I would love just chatting with you... Although Mansfield really isn't that far.... HMMMMM.