Thursday, December 11, 2008

Allie on Sale!

The handbag that is. The Allie bag from Elaine Turner is now on sale! I have the red bag featured above and I LOVE it!! Check out the clutch bags to see all the colors the Allie comes in(and see Taylor's gorgeous bag under the Satchel section). I love Elaine Turner's bags. They are durable, pretty, and reasonably priced. There is always a crown somewhere (her logo) and an element of bamboo such as the clasp above. My favorite part about Elaine Turner? She is one cool chic! She and her staff are the best! I love any chance I get to visit a little with all the girls there--Elaine, Heather and Lauren. Plus, they are incredibly generous, supporting Heroes and Handbags each year in both cities!
Enjoy browsing at Elaine Turner's site. You want it all, I promise! At least I do!


Adrianne said...

That bag is adorable!!!

Michelle said...

not really sure how i stumbled across your blog ... i think a friend told me about it. + she found me through a comment on a blog of a friend of a friend of a friend.

confused yet?

and then i saw that you know jen ... we've been blog stalking eachother for some time now.

getting to the point, i was just stopping by to say hi. :)