Saturday, December 6, 2008

We're off to the Nutcracker

It's a princess' world and I am just one of her royal subjects

It's a "Girls Only" day--shopping and lunch, the Nutcracker and then
the Sugar Plum Party after.

First, she is applying fake makeup on the dog. All the girls must
look our best you know


Carolein said...

Could she seriously get any cuter??? And congratulations to you on the 10.5 pounds lost! I started dieting again this week (the millionth diet I've been on? billionth? lol) and am taking 500 mg. of Green Tea every morning. I've lost 5 pounds this week (probably gained a pound back last night snacking on Doritos with the hubby and little guy though!). Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!



Amy said...

Too cute! Did she like the Nutcracker? Poor dog..LOL

Jess said...

Have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie!!! How was the Nutcracker? Cameron just walked by the pc and stops and says awww mom she is so beautiful!