Sunday, October 7, 2007

All About Andrew

Since you got to learn 8 things about me recently, I decided I would give you some facts about Andrew. Given that he only reads this blog "on occassion," I don't know if he'll see this. Man, I could say all kinds of things, couldn't I? Too bad that I think he is close to perfect!

So, here are 8 interesting things about my husband...

  • "The Cheese," also known as "White Lightening" was Andrew's first car --white 1982 Ford Fairmont. That car was a piece of junk, but the man loved it! The headboard was completely torn out, so it had carboard that we wrote on. We kept markers in the car for riders to leave their mark on the ceiling of the Cheese. Now, this car didn't exactly work properly. Drive didn't work when you first started the car. So, instead, you had to start the car in neutral, revving the car up as much as possible. This could go on for five to ten minutes, especially when it was cold outside! Then, out of nowhere, the entire car would go "BAM," we'd jerk forward and Andrew would throw the car into drive. To this day, Andrew still sees a Fairmont, shakes his head and admires the "beauty" of that fine automobile.

  • Have you ever met a man allergic to ALL fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and nuts? Yes, that is my husband. Makes dieting real easy in my household!! The allergist told Andrew the other day that he is one of the most "interesting patients" she has. His body processes all of these things as a hayfever allergy and his throat closes up and he struggles with an itchy throat. The doctor wants him to keep an Epi-Pen on him at all times, but has he even gotten the pen from the pharmacist? No. Ugh, Men!

  • Andrew has done all of our floors in our home. We have wood laminate throughout the house and tile in our kitchen, and both bathrooms. He labored through all of that work, never complaining (though cussing when moving the refridgerator back in place and the tile cracked!). I'm a spoiled woman. When something needs to be fixed in my home, Andrew is on it every time.

  • Our friends and family call on Andrew every time there is a computer issue. I think we get more dinner invitations too because they know while he is there, they might be able to entice him to take a quick look at their computer issue. Everyone loves Andrew!

  • Though he is married to one of the most gregarious and social people, Andrew is not the most outgoing of people. He's quite and reserved and absolutely hates large crowds. We work together well, knowing the other is different. I love to go out and meet new people--he doesn't. We both like small intimate groups of friends and tend to do those type of get togethers instead.

  • The thing about Andrew is that even though he is quiet, he is hilarious. He is one of the funniest people I know and has me in stitches all the time. He has a quick dry wit that gets me every time. If you have been around him on those moments, you know exactly what I am talking about. Deb says he is one of the funniest people she knows.

  • When we play games, I want to be on Andrew's team. Especially if we play games related to movies or his favorite Trivial Pursuit.

  • At the risk of sounding just a little sappy--I'll say that he is the best father I know. I've never seen a man more in love with his two daughters. While I know he loves me very much, I often think Maggie is the love of his life. She has his heart for sure. I love to watch the two of them together and see them laugh uncontrollably. He is active in all aspects of her life, and never hesitates to jump in with her care and do whatever she needs.

See why this man is so great? Love him!


Anonymous said...

My memory of Andrew at the Weintraubs - silent for hours, and then comes out with "Da plane, da plane" in a perfect imitation. Cracked us all up.

And I'm still waiting for a Wicked Smaht cup, Scotts vs Robinsons edition. Game. on.

Jin said...

your husband is allergic to fresh fruits? i thought mine was an odd one out...he developed some allergy reaction when he was a baby, and the doctor just told my mother in law to keep him away from ALL fruits!!! although he is not allergic to fruits any more, coz he did not react or die from it when he accidentally ate some fruits which he was aware of...but as he has never been offered any fruits since baby, he now refuses to try any and rely on vitamin pills for all the natural minerals and goodness he could have gotten from just eating fresh fruits! man...i wish i know which doctor saw him and gave that instruction to his parents!! :(

nodnarB! said...

Can we make it a Scott v. Robinson v. Reininger edition. Me luvs me some trivial pursuit as well!!!

Saint Richard said...

Sweet!!! I sense a major Trivial Pursuit Tournament guys should know that while Tracey may appear sweet and sensitive on the outside (tongue firmly pressed in cheek here), she is EXTREMELY competitive.

Just saying. You are forewarned.

Jenny, this was a sweet tribute to Andrew. Thanks for sharing. I like Andrew a lot, but I have a feeling it might have taken me 13 years to draw that much information from him.

Sugar Photography said...

move over kids-the weintraubs are in da' house! make that a reininger-scotts-robinson-WEINTRAUB trivia party.

at our house, of course ;)

and darn it all-you're on to me and my "do you think Andrew can take a peek at my computer" ploy. Shoot!

Of course-meeting him at Fry's last week was the best...because we had,like, a five minute conversation and it was totally natural. I think that after two years, he and I have hit a place in our relationship where. we. talk.

a. little.

Dana said...

Awww, it sounds like you have a wonderful husband and Maggie a wonderful daddy. The fruit-veggie-nut allergy does sound interesting!! Do you know yet if Maggie inherited it?