Sunday, October 14, 2007

Maggie Weekend!

We've had the BEST weekend!! With the exception of late Saturday night on my couch, I did NO work and was able to completely focus on my family. With a new sister at home, Luke needed a little fun and attention. So, Maggie and I picked him up Friday night and whisked him off to the Wiggly Playcenter for some fun with his favorite people. Toddler crack, I tell you. Wiggles=Toddler Crack.

The playcenter closed at 8pm, and Maggie, Luke and I were the last ones walking out at 7:58pm! The car ride was almost as much fun as the play time itself. Those two are hilarious together. One would babble some silliness, the other burst into giggles. This continued the entire ride. Kenny and Larissa wer very grateful for the break, but I was grateful for the time with them together. That was a big treat for Maggie! Saturday was fun at her Gymboree Play & Music class with her friends and off to our usual Saturday morning early lunch at Chick Fil-A with Maggie and her best little friend Annika. I love watching these two girls together! My mom wanted her Saturday afternoon, so Andrew and I were able to run errands and have dinner before picking her up for a trip to Target.

And then the fun of this morning! We went to the Dallas Arboretum to go to the pumpkin patch! After our great time with Luke Friday night, we knew we couldn't take a pumpkin patch trip without Maggie's boyfriend! We had a blast!!

Here are some great pictures of our awesome day!!

Happy with the pumpkins!

Climbing pumpkins is much more fun than posing for pictures

Handsome little man

My pretty little girl

Pumpkin Fun

Heading off to the hayride

Sweet Luke finally had enough! Maggie still holding strong

Ready to go home!


Jenn M said...

I LOVE these pictures and love even more that you had such a great weekend! Greatness!

The Nanny said...

It seems like just yesterday you and Larissa were pregnant with Luke and Maggie! I can't believe how big they've gotten, and how CUTE!

Dayna said...

Love these pictures. What fun it looks like you had. I love the weekends that are filled with friends, and family and fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend - you deserved and needed it. Wish I could say the same...research,reading and writing all weekend for me. Why am I doing this again?

And you are an awesome friend for taking Luke so much this weekend. I know Maggie enjoyed it, but I also am sure that Larissa REALLY appreciated the break.

Queen In My House of Blue said...

SHE is soooo Precious!

Adrianne said...

Those pictures are so cute!!

EquineSpirit said... the photos! They are soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Kids and pumpkins! So much fun!!!!

How cool that you are getting the nonprofit leadership certificate?! Wow! I'm so inspired by you, Jenny. In the face of so much grief, you've found such an amazing way of giving back to the world. I really admire what you are doing with HFC. It *is* teaching, too... what you do. I know it isn't the same as being in a classroom, but the kind of advocacy you are doing, the outreach, the good you generate... very much in the spirit of teaching.

I wish I could borrow your French language skills for a week... I'm heading off to Belgium for a conference (and to Paris for 2 days of fun). I've never been before, and to say my French is rusty... well, even with several years of it in school, my French is pretty much non-existent. I'll do my best. I know how to say Give Me Some Chocolate; how much more will I need to know?

Hope this weekend is as good as last weekend. Kids and halloween... just the best time of year, in my opinion.

Carolein said...

What cute pictures! What a great friend you are!! I'm sure Larissa appreciated it!

I work for a small birth announcement company and we just had an order this past weekend from someone in Norman, Oklahoma and it got me is Andrew's sister and her family? Her youngest one must be almost 2 now, right? Hope all is well with everyone!

Much love,

Carolein and family

Dana said...

They are so cute, Maggie is so beautiful!!

stacey said...

thank you for blessing us with your stories! come on over and receive your friday fuzzie!