Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dictionary of Maggie

As I am working overload right now, exhausted and unable to focus because I'm waiting for news of Baby Lilly to be born (yeah for Larissa!!!), I thought I would stop and blog for a minute.

Maggie will be two at the end of this month. I can't believe my baby (who I won't get to see for the rest of the day due to a crazy hectic work schedule!!) is getting so big! At 15 months, the pediatrician expressed concern that all she said was Mama and Dada. Now, her language has exploded. Many of her words are clear, many are clear for what she has decided to call them, and many still are clear only to those who know her well enough to know what she wants. Everyone tells me to write these down. I'm terrible at the baby book, y'all. Seriously, the last entry was at her two month check-up. Horrible, I know. So, I decided to blog about it. That counts for something right?

Words that Maggie has changed--


Cockie--chocolate. Also seen with "cockie milk" "cockie i cream" etc

BeeBee--Brandy, our golden

Bobby--Aunt Debbie

Kaka--her best little friend Annika



TaTa--Andrew's stepmom Jane who we call Sita

Words either a double meaning or a different meaning altogether


Eyes--refers to both eyes and glasses. So, "Mama eyes" are really Mama's glasses (which she obsesses about if they are not on my face)

Pretty--her hair tie to make a ponytail

I'm sure there are others I am leaving off, but those are just a few of my favorites. I don't know if Debbie will ever be Debbie. Bobby is a pretty sweet little nickname! And I think my mom will have an 18 year old still calling her GaGa as we all now call her that. I don't think I've Grandma in the last six months!

OK, too much work to be doing to be sitting here typing away. Think happy thoughts for Larissa for baby Lilly's safe arrival very soon!!


Debbie said...

You are going to love that you wrote all of this down later! I know I have forgotten so many things that I wished I wrote down somewhere! I love that little girl!

Love Aunt Bobbie

Mimi said...

Let me tell you something....why do the stupid doctors worry about stuff that will come? My granddaught didn't say the NINE words she was supposed to be saying my the age of 15 her doctor was also worried.....I told my daughter if Sophie isn't talking any better by the time she is 2 then be worried.....OMG Sophie is just repeting everything and she won't be 2 until the end of February......Maggie is fine....I'm for the old days when we didn't have the BOOKS to read....

Amanda said...

My son couldn't say Grandma either, so he too calls my mom GaGa. I think it's cute! And I am pretty sure she will always be GaGa!

Dana said...

Awwww, very cute words! I liek best BeeBee for Brandy, that is so cute!!

Busy Mama said...

My little 2 year old also calls her ponytail holder a "pwetty", well, she calls it a "pwetty-pwetty." I think she got that because when I finish fixing her hair I usually say, "Oh, pretty pretty." After that she usually runs to model for her daddy, who says the same thing. I guess she thinks we're talking about the ponytail holder and bow.

The Nanny said...

That's so cute! And keeping my fingers crossed for baby Lilly :-)

christy said...

I love all the Maggie-isms.

My mom is Apple. At 18 months that is how grandma came out of BJ's mouth and it's been Apple ever since. Everyone refers to her as Apple now :)

Glad to hear Lilly made it safely!! I'm so happy for Larissa and Kenny ;)