Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Anyone seen my family?

Because really, I haven't this week. I've had one work function after another. Home last night, but gone tonight. Wasn't home Sunday or Monday night either. Yikes.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving break! Not much working this weekend--only one afternoon thing to attend, but Maggie is going with me to play with her friend Hopper while we're there!

If anyone sees my husband, give him that nodding, approving smile that lets him know you feel for him. He's a good sport this month. And the kid? I think she's still two. Tell her that her mother is still around.


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Lisa L said...

Hey Jenny - I really hope things quieten down at work for you sounds exhausting. One of my jobs is with a non-profit organization, and I know that the fundraisers especially, are hugely time consuming - the preparation alone, organizing committees, making sure everyone is doing their part etc..I hope you are building up your volunteer corps!