Friday, November 16, 2007


My kid--rocks. She's awesome, fun, and spunky. And as of this week--potty trained.

You may remember when I decided it was time to start potty training. That literally ended the day after that post. We were sitting for thirty minutes on the potty with stickers and books. Then she would pee. With our cruise coming up, I was pushing to get us potty trained sooner than necessary. Truth be told--it was because you can't swim in the pool on the cruise ship unless you're potty trained. We didn't swim in the pool while there (well, we snuck her in once during formal night!) and we didn't regret it. With three major fundraisers and a mound of work, I decided September and October were not prime times for me to tackle potty training.

Then came our transition into the two year old class at school. I didn't blog about it, but it was just a bit traumatic for us all. Instead of the two week long transition we were promised and expecting, Maggie was pulled from the toddler class instantly and put into the two year old room. The reason? A red-headed twenty month old little girl biting my daughter. Five times in like a few weeks. Poor Maggie was her target and she was biting her all over!! Small of her back, under her arm, near her face... So, on to the two year old room to give Maggie some separation. It was rough. She cried when we mentioned school. Cried when we went near school. Even cried at the school fall festival to trick or treat and have family fun because it was AT the school. It was awful.

But then she fell in love with her teacher and a little boy in class. Then she made friends, and just last week starting to happily say, "bye bye Mama" as I was dropping off (instead of the look she gave that conveyed that I was truly breaking her heart into a million pieces by dropping her off at school). Her teacher decided to start working with her to see if there was a potty interest. There was. Within two days, Maggie was peeing on the potty every time, though still in diapers. Last weekend, she didn't have but one accident, stayed dry, and even told me when she wanted to potty in the middle of Gymboree class. Sunday, we bought panties. "Melmo" and "pincess" panties, to be exact.

And since then, we have had very few accidents, and none in the last three days!! She has been dry through nap in her panties, and even POOPED on the potty everyday.

Oh yeah, my kid rocks. She is SO proud of herself and her potty accomplishments, waving "Bye bye Maggie's pee-pee" each and every time she flushes the potty. She has no issue with the public potty at Kohl's, Gymboree, or even the restaurant we went to with Andrew's family last weekend. Yep--rocks.

Here's my only dilema--in an effort to continue to encourage our potty success, I really don't want to have to put her in diapers or pull ups (we've done this without pullups and really don't want to use them--aren't they kind of just glorified diapers??). So, we have our photo session this Sunday with Sugar Photography . Do I put her in a diaper and not worry about it? Or, do I go the route of being a bit tacky and BRING the potty with me to Deep Ellum for our photo session?? Andrew is a bit horrified, I think, that I am leaning towards bringing the potty with me. Sounds like the plan to me. "Is that too tacky," I asked Deb. Not if I keep it in the car and only do it when we first arrive, she told me. I posed the same question to Angela tonight at dinner and got a different answer. They used to keep a potty strapped to the bed of the truck when Joey was little, so she of course, thought I should not only bring the potty, but carry it with us. Oh, what to do??

Sad, but besides working, this has absolutely consumed me! If you have made it through a conversation with me that didn't even going "pee-pee on the potty," you're one of the few.

This weekend, the rockstar and I have lots of fun planned, with two playdates, Gymboree class, and our photo session. Think I am trying to make it up to her for being away a few nights this week? You betcha!!

I'm off to dream about the potty. Have a wonderful weekend!


Debunot said...

De-lurking.... We have a 2 year old potty trained girl and put her in a diaper for Halloween and told her it was just in case. She stayed dry, but we didn't have to worry. Also, you can pretty easily hold her on a big potty and she will probably think its fun.. if not they make a foldable potty seat. I am linking one from One Step Ahead, but they have them at Target and the like.

Elena said...

Melmo! That's so funny! That's what our grandson calls Elmo, too, and he's only a couple of weeks away from Maggie! His bday was 10/17. LOVES Melmo!

Have you tried the big potty with Maggie? Like the previous comment, if she's willing, they have the smaller potty seat that goes over the big potty if she's leary. Otherwise, what does the photographer think? I'm sure that she's dealt with this at other times with other potty training kiddos. She may have some pointers.

Good luck in whatever you decide and can't wait to see the new pics of the Rockstar! We had our family pics done last weekend and can't wait to see them!

sarahybethy said...

I say bring the potty along and leave it in the car. You don't want to back-track and I see no problem with bringing the potty. Anyone with kids will TOTALLY understand!

Way to go Maggie!

sarahybethy said...

One more thought. Why not bring it in a backpack? I'd think a small potty would fit!

Kim said...

Ok, now I wish I had girls. My first boy was potty trained by three and my four year old is still having trouble with number twos. I say if she's been doing great with the potty just take a pair of backup clothes!! Congrats on the potty success!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't know what Deep Ellum is, so perhaps my response would change if it's something special or snooty or filled with people who have never seen children, but, um...what is the problem with bringing the potty, exactly?

Lord, girlfriend, do what you have to do. Seriously. Maybe it's my post-potty trained 3 kids bias, but who the heck cares if you're bringing the potty? Anyone who has ever had kids will just look and smile and give you a nod of commiseration.

Unless Dallas really is as snooty and tight-ass as I've been led to believe by my fellow Austinites down here.

:) Love ya and HOORAY FOR MAGGIE!

Fabulously Me said...

Yay Maggie! Potty training success is wonderful! We just passed that milestone in August! I so enjoy reading about Maggie. Can't wait to see the new pictures!

geenalyn said...

WTG Maggie!! My three youngest were just as easy to train, which i was so thankful for after going through potty training hell with my oldest.

And i say bring the potty, i've brought one to a do what you've gotta do

~aj~ said...

Way to go Maggie!!!

I totally understand the all-consuming potty talk as my son is finally pott-trained as of this week. I'm amazed Maggie did it before the age of 2. That's fantastic!

And I say "take the potty". It's not that tacky. Anyone with kids would understand. You should also take a change of clothes, just in case. :)

Kristen said...

Bring the potty! Put it in the back of your car, and line it with a plastic grocery bag. Then, just toss it if/when she's done. Way to go Maggie! Can you please tell little Lucy in Houston that the potty is her friend?

Donna said...

Bring da potty!!! I was never so happy as the day we were at the park together with friends and no bathroom in sight. One of the girls pulled out the folding potting and some trash sacks and we were in business and back to playing in no time!

Mom Of 3 said...

We always had a potty in the car just in case. Take it better to be safe, and wouldnt you really rather have on melmo panties?LOL

Mimi said...

Put her on the big potty backwards.......that is why I don't care for the little pottys I never use them I potty train them on the big potty's...any why should your daughter be taken out of the class early because some one else was bitting her????? the little red head should of been taken out and sent home....

Jeannie said...

Another vote for bring the potty and line it with plastic grocery bags.

I did potty traing boot camp with my twin girls and the potty traveled with us everywhere! (also handy, because sometimes public restrooms aren't the cleanest, and sometimes the loud flushing toilets would scare them to death!)

I agree, too, that the little girls who was bititng Maggie should have been sent home