Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Day

5:35am--Alarm goes off. Groggily look around and remember I'm not in my bed. In Houston at my event chair's house. Groan and hit snooze.

5:45am--Drag my butt out of bed to get ready and head to the airport. Realize that I have no shampoo and the guest bathroom doesn't either. Grossed out by my appearance, I shrug my shoulders, throw the hair in a ponytail and finish getting ready.

6:30am--Tip toe out of Mary Lou's house as quiet as possible since her son had been up throughout the night with a 102 fever.

7:00am--Arrive at the airport only to find out that 8:30 flight reads "CANCELLED" on the Departure screen. Great. With an 11am meeting scheduled back in my office (one that has been on the books for five weeks), I can't afford to have a cancelled meeting. Thank goodness for the nice woman behind the counter that was able to squeeze me on to the 8am flight instead of the 9:30. Thank you, ma'am! So, I head to the gate and settle in to work.

8:00am--Waved goodbye to good old H town and said I silent AMEN that it is my last flight of 2007. On flight with notepad and financial reports of general ledger in hand. Spend entire hour with pen in hand working fast and furiously.

9:20am--settled in my car, I take a glance in the mirror to see my horribly dirty hair. Decision time--suck it up, suffer with dirty hair or rush home to shower and change. Quick conversation with Deb reminded me that I hate dirty hair. I would never survive in the woods. I must have clean hair.

9:20--11:00--Oh rushing. I live 30 minutes from the airport. I am the woman that must utilize my time to the fullest. Drive time means talk time. Three calls with social workers (including a new one that actually lives in my neighborhood and followed all of Allie's story--very sweet) and one quick call to a donor. Arrive home in time to shower, dry my hair, pat the dog's head and head out. Stop off at the cleaner's to drop off my ever growing bag of clothes, get gas, and walk through my office doors at 10:58. Of course, my 11am meeting didn't start until closer to 11:30. They had a meeting before that for another board topic (that I am not privy to and had to stay locked in my office not listening)

11:30--2:30--Meetings. Scarf down Jason's Deli while reviewing financial statements. Met with Finance Committee and then with staff, including a special visit from Larissa, Lilly and Luke at 2pm. No better way to have a meeting than with a cute, funny two year old your lap!

2:30--5--Work, work, and more work. The four page to do list isn't dwindling yet I'm afraid.

During this time--I attempt a phone conversation with Jen. Three tries and we never really had a real conversation. Thing is--if I get a business call, especially a hospital, I drop whoever I am talking with immediately. Ditched Jen a few times. We're finalizing plans for our twin baby shower this Saturday for Deb along with fellow hostesses Amy and Tracey (yes, in all our abundance of free time but we do it with love and pure joy to have our time together!)

5:30pm--Arrive at Maggie's school just in time for the start of the parent meeting. Hand-picked from the principal, the 15 ladies in the room were "selected" to help as the parent volunteers to coordinate the first ever Winter Program. The school needs parental support and aren't gettig it from many, so they were happy to have us helping out. Luckily, I have a little more free time in the next few weeks with only one night meeting in December (can I get yet another AMEN for the day?? I've had one to two night meetings a week since August!). I'm looking forward to helping with the school, but quickly turned down the requestfor help with sewing poodle skirts. I'm the undomestic goddess---no sewing happening here.

6:30--With sweet lady in the car, we head to meet up with Andrew at the Kriegers for dinner. They had already eaten when I arrived but didn't forget to leave me a plate.

8:30--Head home with Maggie falling asleep in the car.

9:15--Of course, she woke up.

And now it's 10:30 and I am contemplating the possiblity of actually dragging my ass to the gym tomorrow morning before Maggie wakes up and we get ready to head out for work and another action packed day. Chances are highly unlikely.


Jennifer said...

Whew - you just made me dizzy! LOL! But I had to lol at the poodle skirt request - it made me think of the book by Sophie Kinsella, titled "The Undomestic Goddess". If you haven't read it, in all that extra spare time you have ;), it is a quick, easy, light read that is absolutely hilarious! For those of us who are domestically challenged (which I am...ask my hubby) it makes us relate a little more to the character in the story. Highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

I hear you sister.

I. hear. you.

Melissa said...

Boy, I feel tired just reading that, I don't know how you swing it all!!!

The Hoodies said...

(Cue Saved By The Bell idea why that was going through my head while reading this post!)

Wow, I can't even comprehend trying to cram all of that into one day!

Andrea said...

Wow what a crazy day! Did you get to the gym?