Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Daniel and Daniella

I'm so excited!! It's time for Aunt Jenny to get to shopping (well, after payday, that is!)!!

Deb is having a BOY!!!! AND A GIRL!!!!


Now, they will have to name them before I let Daniel and Daniella stick (not their real names, people, I promise!)


Kimberly said...

Too funny about the names because of course I'm sitting her going you've got to be kidding me that someone would name their twins almost the exact same name! I couldn't believe it and I was glad you cleared it up. You always crack me up :)

Elle said...

LOL I was worried at first until I realized you were joking about the names. As a twin mom, I got hounded by people telling me to not rhyme their names. So what? It was bad to call them Lilly and Milly? (I didn't but anyways...)

Congrats to your friend! Being a twin mom is awesome!!!

Tony & Shelly said...

Jenny, I know you're a busy lady but I was wondering if you could get the time to email me?

I have a question for you and I wanted to clear up something.

Thank you.

( You're always in our prayers )

Tony & Shelly said...

uhh, Im silly. You might need my email huh? lol.