Sunday, January 27, 2008

Down for the Count

The flu bug has reared its ugly head once again in my home. I'm good, but my sweet husband is one miserable man. He has fever, chills, bodyaches, sinus pressure, and incredible pounding headache that won't go away. Maggie hasn't seen her daddy since Friday and probably won't at least until tomorrow. The two of us are going to watch first grade basketball and cheer on Josh Krieger, and then she's back to Ga Ga's (she spent the night there because Mom wanted her!) so I can enjoy my girls dinner without the toddler. Bringing her would mean frequent trips to the potty to possibly pee but more importantly play with the water in the sink and see what color the soap is.

So poor Andrew is out. He's napping now, after his first Neti Pot experience. I apprehensively asked him how it went, knowing that the only other person I know that experience the Neti Pot was Amy. And I remember how that went. I think he faired a little better.

So far, the little Munch hasn't even so much as sniffled. Maybe because she was the only one of the three of us that had the flu shot? Could be it. But the last flu shot I had gave me the FLU! And not just the flu. The I'm-nine-months-pregant-and-about-to-have-this-baby flu. I gave birth to Allie with a darn oxygen mask over my face because I was so ill with the darn flu. But, given that it's been four years, maybe I should rethink my opinion next year and have the shot. Because this has not been a fun experience for the two of us. Not fun at all.


Anonymous said...

Feel Better Andrew!! Definitely family flu shots for next year. Hope you had a fabulous time with the ladies!!

Jackietex said...

Yikes, I hope the flu leaves your house soon! I LOVE the new side bar picture of Maggie. She looks so old--she could be three years old. :)

Krissy said...

Don't you just love how little ones can be soo resistant to some bugs?? My little girl has never had a flu shot in her 5 years....nor has ever had the flu! I've had it, so has hubby several times in the past 5 years, but never our little girl. I chalk it up to her just being healthy as heck. ;) LOL That and she eats better than I do!
Hope everyone feels better soon
~Krissy (A follower since BBC)

Constance said...

I haven't tried the netipot thing but I use the Nasopure and I swear by it! Since I have an auto-immune disorder I have to get a flu shot every year as well as a pnemonia shot periodically ( I had my spleen removed 3 years ago). I had a bad upper and lower respitory infection in December but thankfully, no flu!
Connie Hopkins

Kelly said...

Sorry your hubby is so sick. That's no fun. I would highly recommend getting a flu shot next year! We get them every year (hubby, our 2 year old, and me) and swear by them! None of us has had the flu yet this year (knock on wood). Chances are your bad experience 4 years ago was just a coincidence. You'd probably already been exposed to the flu BEFORE the shot....since the shot is a killed virus. Blah Blah Blah... Sorry...don't mean to get all educational on you...I'm sure you've heard it all before!

By the way...I adore the new picture of Maggie. She's so adorable!