Thursday, August 14, 2008


Just a little randomness tonight....

  • My dog is limping tonight. Can't put her back right leg down. We're hoping beyond hope that it isn't what we think it is. We don't want to go down that path again.
  • Maggie has named her shoes. All her shoes. They are "DeeDee" and "DoDo." where she got it? No freaking clue but it cracks us up.
  • We have girls night out tomorrow night to celebrate Deb's birthday. So looking forward to it!
  • Summer is kind of over for me with regards to work. I worked a more relaxed summer vacation with less hours. Not anymore.
  • I've had a cough for close to three weeks. This week, I went to the doctor to find out it's a sinus infection that caused it. Meds are making it better thank goodness. In fact, the cold medicine packed with hydrocodone is starting to kick in. I'll be passing out soon.
  • We're traveling to all the hospitals served by HFC through our Program Task Force to evaluate our services. Our first meeting is tomorrow and I'm very excited about it.
  • We really haven't been watching the Olympics. We flip it on, but I haven't been obsessively watching. However, have yet to miss an episode of Big Brother, our summer obsession every summer.
  • Oh shit, she is really limping bad. I don't want to have another $3,000 surgery. No, please, no!!


LabLady said...

I followed Brandy through her first surgery which was a few weeks before my dog had his TPLO probably at the same place. The vet told us about half of the dogs are back for the other leg within a year. I wouldn't wish that surgery or recovery on anyone. I hope she pulled a muscle or something simple. I will keep Brandy in my thoughts!

Kelly said...

The same thing happened with Oscar (our dog). Had the same surgery as Brandy on one leg and a few months later it was the other leg with a problem. Our vet actually told us to wait it out this time and he somehow recovered but we know it will have to be repaired sooner or later. My only advice is to get a second opinion. The first vet we took Oscar to was going to charge us around $4,000. We called around and got some second opinions and found the most awesome vet (has won awards) who did it for around $1,000. We love him and he is now our regular vet. Sometimes you can even find a school that will do it. UC Davis does it (I know that's not close to you) but I'm thinking there might be a teaching hospital near you that might be able to help her?


Lyndsay said...

Poor puppy! I hope it turns out to be nothing major.

Adrianne said...

Gosh I am so sorry to hear about Brandy limping again... I am hoping she doesn't need another surgery...

Kristi H. said...

You could also ask your vet about the possibility of the lateral suture method of repairing Brandy's knee. It's usually reserved for smaller dogs (now that the TPLO has come along) but depending on Brandy's age and her activity level she may be a candidate.

For comparison in central AL, TPLO = $3,000, LS = $1,000 or less.