Thursday, August 21, 2008

Surgery a Go

After watching our dog limp without the ability to put her right leg down for more than a week, we got into the surgeon today. We both knew this morning what we would hear. Normally, Andrew's schedule is the more flexible of our two. His life isn't dependent on meetings and travel schedules as mine is, so he is usually able to attend things like this. But when email for the company goes down, the IT guy must make it a priority. So, at 7am this morning, he left in a hurry, leaving me to take a dog and a toddler to the surgical vet. I honestly can't tell you who was more challenging to handle.

According to the doctor, roughly 25% of the dogs that have the surgery in one knee, need it in the other. And lucky for us, ours is one of those dogs. Oh yeah, her ligament was completely ripped to shreds and she was once again popping her knee out of place every times she puts it to the ground. The good news? The left leg that we corrected last December is doing great. The bad news? The surgery would once again be $3,000 and the recovery could be tougher this go round. All in the middle of one of my busiest times of the year.

This surgery and the follow up care RULES OUR LIFE at home. More than 10 weeks of post-op care. Here's what it entails for us:

  • 25 staples that will be removed in 12-14 days. She has to wear the cone the entire time.
  • We have to do heating pads on her leg multiple times a day until about Wednesday next week to help with the swelling.
  • She will take four or five meds twice a day for at least two weeks and then it is some other meds for another two weeks (if I remember correctly).
  • I have to physical therapy exercises with her two to three times a day to help with her leg extensions.
  • She must be confined and not given the run of the house for more than ten weeks. No jumping, no playing, no running down the hall. At night, she needs to be locked in our bedroom where she can't go roaming the house in the middle of the night (a favorite pasttime of hers because she goes to find her collections of socks and kid toys to leave by my nightstand as my morning present)
  • Because of this, I have to have a baby gate on my side of the bed for the next ten weeks that I have to climb over to get in and out of my bed to keep her from trying to jump up. We use our bench to keep her from getting to Andrew's side.
  • Here's the biggie and the one that kills me by the end--she can't go outside by herself to potty. She has to be leashed to go to the bathroom outside each and every time for TEN WEEKS. Two and a half months when my dog can't go pee without one of us leashing her up and walking her outside.

Looking at our schedule, there really is no ideal time in the next month to do this surgery. So, she had it TODAY. That's right, the surgeon had a cancellation and was able to just take her after the appointment. Poor baby is there right now, probably in a lot of pain and scared. It makes me so sad to think about it! I am taking a half day (which really means coming home and getting back to work of course) so I can go and pick up B from the vet.

It's going to be a long ten weeks.


mydogteaser said...

So sorry you guys are going through this again. Our dog had TPLO done in January of 2006. We know exactly what you guys are going through. Luckily, her other leg is fine. I wish a speedy recovery to Brandy and much patience to you.

Amanda said...

The things we do for our furry, 4-legged family members! I'll be thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery for Brandy! Poor baby!!! Poor you :(

One crazed mommy said...

Huge hugs are being sent your way. I know the things we will do for our fuzzy babies. When I met my husband he had a golden - he was about 4 at the time, and he lived to a ripe 12 1/2 years. He was such a sweet boy - funnily enough his name was Brandon, named after his father, Brandy. :) Seems to be a good Golden name. Please keep us updated on Brandy - good luck with the next 10 weeks. Hopefully it will go by quickly for all of you! Soon she'll be back to normal and rummaging for socks and leaving you presents again. :) (That just tugged at my heartstrings - so sweet!!!)


kmm0305 said...

How come fur babies are often more complicated than our other babies?! My daughter had to have surgery unexpectedly last week (went to the hospital via ambulance on her birthday). Surgery was Wednesday, the surgeon gave us the okay to go home 24 hrs later, and by Friday you would've never known what happened!

Hope Brandy has an easy recovery and the next 10 weeks fly by! Good luck! :)

♥Kelly♥ said...

Oh my goodness, that was a suprise ending if I ever read one.

I hope Brandy recovers quickly and she's a good girl for you as you care for her. ((hugs))

HollyH said...
I hope the ten weeks flies by fast! Looks like you can just squeeze that into your schedule!

Donna said...

Oh man. So sorry you have to do it all again, but awfully glad that you can make it happen. Brandy has such good parents, even if they are human.

LabLady said...

My lab had TPLO in January of this year and you have my sympathy. It is very time consuming. The worst is when they start to feel better, but still can't play. We set up a pen in our family room and moved it to the bedroom at night so he could be near us. You were smart to just do it today. Best of luck during the the very trying next few months.

Tracy said...


I am so sorry about Brandy. We had our dog neutered on Thursday. (Totally different than poor Brandy.) The cone has to be on him for one week (he is 1 1/2 years) and I am already crazy with that. Along with the leash bathroom breaks, holding the food/water bowl up so he can eat and drink. I can't imagine 10 weeks. Brandy is so lucky to have great owners like you and Andrew. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Debbie said...

Ack! I'm so sorry to read this about sweet Brandy. It's funny, this pet-loving thing, once you've had kids. You still love the pet a ton, but you find yourself being *slightly* annoyed at these sorts of things because you already have your plate so utterly full with your human child! And then that just adds to the Mama guilt you're already overburdened with...oh, wait. Maybe that's just me? Anyhow, good luck with her recovery!!