Friday, July 27, 2007

Boyfriends, terrible twos, and nudity

A little Maggie update:

  • Girlfriend has lots of options with boys. Her longtime man, Luke, she doesn't get to see as often since they do not go to the same sitter anymore. But, she keeps a picture of him in her room and points to him at the fridge. They enjoy playtime when they can. She likes to play the mean girl at her babysitter's with "Day-Day" (aka David), who puts up with the little bully. Of course, she has the older boys too--her favorites being our friends' sons Josh and Joey. The mere sight of eight year old Joey has her tilting her head and flashing a big smile. She would do anything he wants! And now, we have the introduction of two new contenders for Maggie's heart and affection--Brandon and Aiden are coming over for a playdate on Sunday! I just know we'll have a blast--can't wait Melissa!

  • When does the terrible two stage begin? I think it's in our horizon and we are coming in closer and closer every day!! Oh, the drama, the tantrums, the tears!!! Heaven forbid the girl doesn't get her way--all hell breaks loose. Now, I'm pretty lenient on things, but there are some things I am just NOT backing down on--She can NOT treat my house like a jungle gym. She can NOT climb to the top of the kitchen table, stand up, and try to jump up and down. She can NOT get to the top of my bed and fling herself backwards full force onto the mattress. Can you tell we have an emergency room visiting in our future? Let the record show that I won the bed battle this morning. We screamed a lot, had two time-outs, and I redirected twenty million times--but I won dammit!! :)

  • Why wear clothes when you are so much cuter naked? A diaper simply inhibits you and when you are a free spirit like Munchie, you must be free of those restraints. So, my child strips. All the time. It's been about a month now that she will remove all her clothing. At first, we found her in her crib, naked holding her clothes during nap. Her shorts weren't even a challenge anymore to take off. Well, now it is all clothes, including the foot jammies that we thought she couldn't manage to unzip. Oh how wrong we were. So, here's the plan we go with now--we cut the feet out of all the footed jammies. Turn them backwards, and like a straight jacket, zip our daughter up the back. Works like a charm!

Some recent pics from our fun night last night with her new flooring in the playroom and new house and tunnel. We all got into the fun!


Mixed Up Me said...

I love that Brandy got in on the family fun! Maggie is just getting cuter every day . . .which is just the reminder you need when she is in the midle of a tantrum. I hate to tell you this, but my ten year old has not left the terrible two's yet . . . though I think I'm just "lucky" Have a fantastic day!

Elle said...

Oh me oh my!! LOL

Welcome to the world of insane little girls!!! I have three myself; and I remember when the twins turned 2 - that was an interesting time in our lives!!! My husband says the real fun begins when they all get PMS.

Ah the joys of "little boyfriends". Jenna got her first love letter. It was so cute, it went on the fridge. I will later put it in her memento box - because that's priceless!

Maggie is such a cutie!! I love her hair! Looks like you guys are having a ball in the playroom.

Carolein said...

Ha! Boy do I know what YOU'RE going through!! Jason just turned 2 last month, but the terrible 2's were present since the day he turned 1. When he turned 1, he turned INDEPENDENT! I'm surprised my son doesn't think his name is "NO" yet, lol. Jason also does the same thing with the table; gets up on to it and tries jumping up and down. Heart attack waiting to happen!! I tell him "Oh, no you don't!" and he retorts with "Ohhhh yesssss...." And the naked thing? Recently he just started that. The last few mornings, he's woken up in his big-boy bed and taken the diaper right off. Ditto on the clothes!! Lastly, for the boyfriends part......My son makes every girl his girlfriend. That kid does more kissing than I remember doing as a teenager. He looks all smitten with them and then plants a big one on their cheek.

Either way, they're beauties as well as blessings!

Melissa said...

haha the fun of having toddlers. I am so jealous you get to meet the twins . I hope you all have a blast. The nakedness is going on in our house too. Actually at this very moment. hehe! But they just look so cute doing it. Have a great weekend.

Emily said...

I totally feel you, Jenny. Mine and 3 and 5 and I am still seeing the terrible twos in them! More the little one, but my 5 year old is a total bully to him!! You're doing the right thing though. Stopping it before it begins is the best way to go. Maggie is just a babydoll, which my not be such a good thing, because with a grin like that - she's bound to get her way alot more... hehe!! Good luck though. I love your playroom floor! Wish we had a playroom, then we could just re-direct them in there when we need a little down time hehe!! Take care - she sure is a doll! =]

Anonymous said...

What adorable pics!!! Aiden gasped and pointed when he saw the playroom toys!!! LOL! We can't wait to come see you guys!! :) See you soon!

Kim said...

Jenny, you truly have the most beautiful family! I love the pics! And the one of Brandy is cracking me up!

My Maeve is turned 2 in April and the "terrible 2's" have been going on for a while around here. Sounds like you are handling it well. Just stand your ground. Like I tell my husband, "It's better to discipline now than having to do it later on." My 6 year old doesn't give me any trouble at all. So I guess it worked with her! ;)

Anonymous said...

Waving hi! Have fun with Melissa today.

With Sam, the terrible twos didn't hit until after he turned 2. With both Bailey and Lucy (my precocious ones) it hit right around 19-20 months.

But don't worry. The terrible twos are nothing compared to 3. People who talk about the terrible twos just haven't experienced 3 yet.

There. Don't you feel better? :)

Angela said...
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Sarah said...

Hope Maggie has fun with Brandon and Aiden. Sunch cute little boys.

Love the floor in the playroom!

Adrianne said...

Terrible twos come as soon as they find out they are nearing the age of 2. Just wait till 3 it is even worse!! What a creative way to keep her jammies on!! Have fun on your playdate with the Texas Twinadoes!!

Saint Richard said...

Hey Jenny,

I have been invisible in the blogosphere for a while, but I wanted to stop by and say hello. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. And, I hate to tell you, but Tracey's right (of course)....2 ain't got nothing on 3. But that's okay, because that makes you appreciate 4 all the more. I can't wait for next May (when Lucy turns 4).

rockin_mom said...

I have a two yr old and yeah, nudity and terrible two's are upon us. = ) Oh man these girls are crazy....but a lot of fun. Hang in there Jenny, the terrible twos snuck up on me...around 2 yrs and 3 to 4 months.

Oh and where did you get the princess play house??? I want to get one for my spoiled girl!

Love your posts, been a long time reader and I wish you guys the best. Maggie is simply tooo darn cute, hope Andrew is gearing up for those dating years!

Dana said...

Maggie is gorgeous and absolutely adorable!! I need to get out our castle and tunnels for our little stinker! It's been a while :-)

Brandy is adorable too!!

And, yeah, the terrible two's are bad, I can't remember how long they lasted with Ashley, but I do remember the 3's being worse in some respects and easier in some. Gabby is 19.5 months and the terrible two's have already started with her! It's amazing how vocal she can be when she doesn't get her way!! LOL.


Lisa said...

I have to chime in as well..... 2 is nothing compared to 3. The age three has NOT been my favorite year, that's for sure. Maggie is very cute- would she consider 'dating" a younger man? Like my 17 month old Sam? He is very charming and loving and makes it his job to bring smiles to all who know him. Check out my blog for pictures, ha ha. Take care, Lisa