Friday, July 20, 2007

Out with a BANG

The smoke from the fireworks have cleared away, and I'm hanging out before our counselor meeting at 10:30pm tonight. Lots of tears shed tonight as we've shared what camp means to us and why we continue to come back each and every summer.

For the kids--it's the fun, the camaraderie and the ability to be around others with similar experience.

For the adults--It's simple. It's all about the campers!

I'm tired, I still smell whipped cream up my nose and in my ears (my hair has been washed three times but it still stinks of a sugary substance!), and I'm overwhelmed with love for this place.

Heading home tomorrow morning.


Oh, L--Benji said at the mic tonight that he is definitely not ready to leave--he had a BLAST!!


Melissa said...

welcome home Ms. jenny! cant wait for more detail....

rfmhny said...

I found your blog on Sarah H.'s blog. Sarah and I went to college together for a short time. Anyway, I love your story and Maggie is beautiful. I have my own little Maggie, born on 4/4/07. Maggie Jane is a heart baby. They found several heart deformities during her discharge exam. She had her 1st surgery at 6 days old and has 2 more to come. We don't know what life holds after that. I love your entries about Camp Discovery. There is a heart camp here in St. Louis called Camp Rythym and Maggie gets to go to that when she is 4. I am planning on volunteering next summer and I can't wait. Anyway, I don't know the pain you have felt and I hope that I never have to, but I do know the fear of that pain. I fear it every day. Your optimism is great!

Anonymous said...

Had the best time at lunch! Miss you already!

AmazingGraceTX said...

Benji still smells like jello!! Thanks for the updates and for being there for all the campers!!
Take care,

Tracy said...

Glad to hear you are home!! Enjoy snuggling with Miss Maggie!