Sunday, July 1, 2007


Ah, Bruce. Doesn't matter his age--once a badass, always a badass. This morning, Andrew and I went to see Live Free or Die Hard. Munchie was with my mom for a sleepover and we caught the early Sunday show. We love this time to see a movie and usually try to go when something bigger has come out (ie-great to watch Stars Wars at 10 on a Sunday morning!).

Andrew has always been a Die Hard fan. He had them all on videocassette as a kid, and if he "ever finds the bastard that stole Die Hard II" from his house, he would "kick some serious ass." Sure, babe, sure. So, with that much admiration for John McClaine, we couldn't miss out on the newest installment.

I LOVE to go to the movies. Not just see a movie at home--I love to GO to the movies. Love the escape of the movie theater, the darkened room, and the two hours of being drawn into another world. I do NOT like horror or really gory flicks, but I love me some movies nonetheless. Of course, I don't go quite as often as our pre-kid times, but we still get to sneak away to the movies at least once a month (thank you Mom!!). In June, I've been lucky to see a few more--including this great one with the girls. LOVED IT!!

There is only one problem with seeing a movie with Andrew--must he deconstruct all that was incorrect? Must he find the flaws, especially if it is a technical one and point them out to me? Can't I just enjoy my ignorant bliss and believe that some big machine can do this crazy bit of technology? Of course not--I'm married to a computer geek! So, even though he enjoyed today's most recent flick, he couldn't help himself from pointing out the flaws. Just. can't. stop. himself. Sigh.

Now, sometimes, I like when he does it because he will find the things that the editors forgot to remove from a frame. Last night, he saw a pair of Converse shoes in the montage of shoes during the film Marie Antoinette! I thought that was pretty funny.

Oh well, not much more to say to this post except--"Yippie-kai-yay!" You remember the rest of the line, right?


Kristina said...

I hear you about going to movies on Sunday's while the kiddo is at Mom's (or in our usual case, my MIL) house. We LOVE IT! We are dying to see Transformers next weekend so here's hoping we will have a babysitter.

Just wanted to say HI and I've read your family website for almost two years now. I'm so excited you got a blog so I can add it to my RSS reader and not have to come by every once in awhile to see if you've updated. :) If you haven't got an RSS reader for all of your blogger friends, I highly recommend it! Try

Anonymous said...

I, like so many, have read your family website for years. I love your new blog~!

Maggie is simply precious!

It's Just Me- said...

Hi Jenny! I love your new blog and actually you've inspired to create my own. I've followed your family's journey for a long time and finally decided this was a great way for my family to keep up with our "crazy way of life"!

Have a great summer and feel free to look us up! We are at When Did They Grow Up? (on Blogspot).

See Ya!

Elle said...

LOL that's my favorite line of that movie. My hubby and his bud went to see it on Saturday (leaving poor me at home sniff sniff). He said it was awesome. Whenever we can catch it on t.v., he insists we watch it.

I love going to the movies when I have a moment. We are actually going to see "Ratatouille" today with our little ones. It looks cute. My kids can eat more popcorn than an adult I swear!! It's obscene LOL.

Anonymous said...

I got to see a movie on Saturday night! (Two in two weekends? That's more than I've seen in the theater in the past 5-6 months!) We went to see Knocked Up - so great. Loved it.

We need to let Rich and Andrew go to the movies together. Rich can talk about movies for hours. His dream job if we won the lottery is to be a movie critic. Seriously. He's talked about that since college.

Melissa said...

My husband does the same thing!!! UGH!!

sarahybethy said...

Ha ha! We end up at the movies with my husband and his best friend a lot! Most of the time leaving me as the third wheel :-)

They will rip anything apart! It's actually kind of funny! We just saw Evan Almighty... They had a field day! I thought it was great!

I've never seen a movie on a Sunday morning... that's because I'm usually asleep :-) Must try it someday though!!

Lisa said...

Watch a movie in the movie theater?! I can't remember the last time that happened. We're doing good to rent a movie and watch at home after the kiddos are in bed. Good for you guys!!!!! Did you have popcorn and a diet coke? That's my favorite movie food, along with sour patch kids : ).

Saint Richard said...

I love love LOVE the movies. And you're right, Jenny, it's something special about the big screen, the booming sound, and the dark room that make it special. I love the movies. I could see two a week.

BookMama said...

My husband does the same thing and it drives me insane. Just let me be oblivious, will ya??

Joni said...

hee hee it's impossible watching a movie with someone like that. My mom used to pick apart the movie and have the plot figured out before the movie was over.. Example is What Lies Beneath. She said it from the beginning that it was the husband who did it and she figured out something else.. lol Although it would be fun to see all the flubs in movies that they forgot to take out.. I have minimal tv editing experience but i still watch for editing cuts that are rough and camera shots and what not!! lol

Maggie is such a big beautiful girl now! IT only seems like you had her yesterday. Where does the time go??

Heather said...

Ugh, my fiance takes it one step further--he actually picks apart COMMERCIALS, too. It annoys me to no end just because EVERY TIME a commercial comes on, he has to comment on it! (As a result, I try to limit the amount of TV I watch "live"--thank God for DVR!)

I loved the story about Andrew and his Die Hard II VHS tape. Hilarious. Now you know what to get him for next Christmas--upgrades to DVDs!

Tracy said...

I have to say the same thing Lisa did..."see a movie in a movie theater?" We haven't been in a very long time.

So I really wanted to write the next line to Yippie-kai-ya, but just not appropriate to write. BUT I do like that line and can't wait to see the movie. Although it will mostly likely be on my TV.