Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summer Obsession

Anyone who knows me and Andrew knows that we are TV junkies. We watch too much, we know. But with the glory of Tivo, we do not watch it when Maggie is up and we never miss our shows. Depends on the time of year as to what we're the most into. When it was Soprano time, we wouldn't answer the phone if we are watching.

It's that time again! Our favorite summer obsession starts tonight! That's right, my friends, Big Brother is back!! Woohoo! Time for lying, deceiving, and maybe using someone's toothbrush to clean a toilet!

I love Big Brother, not exactly sure why. The other day, Tracey, Rich, and I (with Andrew just copied but didn't respond--party pooper!)had an e-mail going back and forth discussing characters and what we think of this coming season. After viewing the new cast, I asked--why all the beautiful people this season? What happened to having the bigger old guy or the hairy gay guy? Why does everyone have to look good in a bikini this season? Why so cookie cutter this year, Julie Chen? Now, will that deter me from watching a single episode until mid-September? Heck NO!

I miss me some Kaysar! Any other BB fans?


Saint Richard said...

What up, KAYSAR!

I miss Kaysar, too. I've always sort of looked down on BB. Thought it was too much about forcing people to be mean to each and exposing people's faults. But, since it always came on in the summer, I'd begrudgingly watch it.

Not anymore. I am not ashamed! I can't wait for tonight!!!

christy said...

Ahh! I'm so glad you mentioned this today. I've never watched BB, but I'm totally jonesing for reality TV this summer. I will definitely be tuning in (or at least Tivo-ing) tonight!!!

BookMama said...

I'm SO glad I saw your post today, because I thought the show started on Friday. I'd HATE to miss the first episode!

Anonymous said...

brrring brrring


Anonymous said...

The best topic EVER!!!
How I miss Kaysar, Janelle & Will -even Howie!!!!
The new season, there had been rumors that Janelle and Will would come back as "dorm parents" or something, I was so sad to see that isn't the case so far!!

I could talk BB for days on end! I am counting down the minutes although it will end up being recorded for watching later!

Can't wait to dish tomorrow!
(not a total stranger writing on your blog, exactly, my husband works @ Republic)

TippyCakes by Tiffany said...

Love it! Last year was my first year to watch it so I am very excited about the premiere!

-Tiffany in SC

Life of the Leatherberry's said...

OMG I am so SO excited for Big Brother to start tonight!!! I wait for this all summer! LOL!!! I will be right here obsessing about it right along with you!!!


3fishies said...

ha ha BB is like a car accident - you can't help but look! I have never missed a season! DH asks why I watch the stupid show - I DON'T KNOW BUT I CAN'T STOP!!!!


Heroes for Children said...

Any one else find it interesting that when I post about charity, getting involved, and finding passion there are only 2 comments BUT when I post about Big Brother, there are 8 comments in like five hours? HA!! Very interesting....


Tracy said...

I watched BB during the first couple of seasons, but not anymore. My hubby isn't into reality tv so I need to pick and choose my shows!

Joni said...

I love BB!!! I am eager to see what is going to happen this year!!!!

Lisa said...

Too funny- everyone loves to talk trash TV!!!!! I have to admit that I am not a BB fan. I've watched a few episodes in previous seasons but was quite turned off by how insanely stupid it was. I know, I might get a publoc flogging now- flog away. What is so weird to me is that my mom (63 yrs old, pre-school teacher, nice as can be, so calm and patient and loving, never cusses in her life, etc etc) absolutely adores this show- this crack me up to no end.

But then again, I never watched Grey's Anatomy until Tracey kept talking about it and now I'm hooked to that show. Maybe, in a lack of anything else to watch this summer, I'll watch one or two episodes of BB. Or maybe I'll read a good book, lmao.

robinandamelia said...

I watch Big Brother too. Have ever since Amelia was born. Not sure what it is about that show!

Love your new site.

Robin Brunet
Bradford, Ontario

Debbie said...

Oh!! I LOVE BB too! I watched last night and I was surprised too by all the good looking people. No Chicken George this year for sure!
I miss me some Will!!! (Kaysar is 2nd for me)

Saint Richard said...

I like how not only do people ignore the Charity post, but they blow off your calling attention to the fact.

Pay no attention to the civic minded woman behind the curtain. She might make you think deep thoughts.

It may not be a good excuse, but here's mine:

I subscribe to feedblitz on the HFC blog, so I had already read that post. While it made me pause and reflect, I didn't have anything interesting to say by the time you posted it here.

Tracey, of course, called my bluff and asked why, then, had I not commented on the HFC blog? Truthfully, I never visit. Feedblitz is a double-edged sword I guess. I read all the posts, but I never visit.

So, there it is. Not a great excuse, but I'm sticking to it. What's everyone else's excuse?

mama2one said...

I'm so excited one of my favortie bloggers is totally addicted to Big Brother too!! Woohoo!!

Dana said...

Argh, I totally missed the BB season start! I hope I don't miss Thursday, I"ll be just getting home from a business trip. Then Ashley, my oldest, has karate. I have to remember to DVR it.

At any rate, the one girl on there is from Waldorf, MD which is a town or two over from me!


Amy said...

I'm getting caught up on your posts. My husband and I also love BB and record it on our DVR. I really liked Kaysar too. My all time favotite has to be Dr. Evil AKA Will.
I'm listening to Maggie May right now on my MP3 player, how cool is that?
I'm also a DDP addict too!!